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2014 East Coast News

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2015 East  Coast  Speedway News

Someone asked me the other day, sorry, thought I had posted them.

These totals are without doing double points for the NY State Championship.

The only change that occurs with double points is Gene Bonsignore moves one position ahead of Tuff McBride...

1. Adam Mittl 520
2. Casey Donholt 486
3. Mikey Buman 478
4. Dave Clark 276
5. Jerry Harman 256
5. Tuff McBride 176
6. Gene Bonsignore 156
7. Jesse Diem 96
8. Jeff Garlinghouse 84
9. Dave Meldrum 50
10. Tie John Lewis and Jeremy Parsons 46
12. Tie Chuck Podany and Corey Brookes 38
14. Russ Cornell 30

Jason - eastcoastspeedway@hotmail.com (January 9, 2015)


Elmira Ice Race update... I am bummed to say it does not look like the races in Elmira will be happening, at least for Jan 2/3. The GM of the arena has been in our corner all along and he had scheduled again right away for us for Jan 17/18 then several moths back asked if we could change to Jan 2/3 to accommodate another event which we did. About 4-5 weeks ago he started mentioning the owners were having second thoughts, even though it was financially successful last year, because of the ice damage. I came up with a plan to significantly reduce ice damage but they still decided against it. I proposed a one day event which the GM felt he may have a chance of getting pushed through but I have not heard back from them and have tried several times now. I can only assume, with it being so close, if it does get pushed through it will be later in the year. Sorry everyone. Such a shame as it was really a great event last year!

Jason - eastcoastspeedway@hotmail.com (December 26, 2014)

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