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(Updated February 11, 2017)

1. Jawa 884 Speedway Motorcycle

(NEW) Jawa Speedway Motorcycle Model 884

This is a brand new bike I sold around 2004 and just recently got it back, it never has been started.

Features Jawa 884 longstroke upright motor, stuha chassis, king muffler, regina chains, joba fiberglass and renthal handlebars.

Price:  $5,800.00

NOTE: The current replacement value for this bike would be $8000.00.

Model 884
Model 884


2. 2006 Jawa Long Track Speedway Motorcycle

Model 875-5-00, Brand New Longtrack Motorcycle with 22" rear wheel, quick shift transmission, belt drive with carbon fiber chain guard, 889 engine with late model carburetor.

This bike has been stored for 6 years and never started. Save a lot of money buying this bike.

Price: $7,500.00 (replacement is $9850.00)

Note: This is a Brand New Bike !

Model 875-5-00
Model 875-5-00


1. Jawa Speedway Engine Model 889

JRM speedway engine model 889, complete engine rebuild just done to this engine
Everything from new connecting rod, crank pin, all bearings, seals, cylinder recondition, new 90mm piston, new valves, new cam, and the rockers rebuilt.
This engine is ready to go and completely re-conditioned.
Price: $2,500.00

Model 889   Model 889


2. GM Shortstroke Speedway Engine

GM speedway engine, engine had a recent rebuild, 90mm shortstroke engine, magnesium covers.
Price: $1,950.00

GM Shortstroke    GM Shortstroke


3. GM Shortstroke Speedway Engine

GM speedway engine, engine had a recent rebuild, 90mm shortstroke engine
Price: $1,800.00

GM Shortstroke    GM Shortstroke


1. Forma Wulfsport Boots

(New) Forma wulfsport speedway boots - (1 size only 45 available)
Price: $150.00

Forma Wulfsport Boots


2. Jawa Frame

Jawa #4 frame, rear section and front forks (all straight)
Price: $450.00



3. Jawa Short Bike Cover

Jawa red short bike cover and red fork cover (new)
Price: $100.00 set

Jawa Short Bike Cover


4. GP Cover

Used GP cover set
Price: $100.00

GP Cover


6. JRM Carburetor

New JRM Carburetor
Price: $450.00



7. Stuha Frame Section

#4 Stuha center frame section
Price: $150.00



8. Cut-Out Switch

New Jawa cut-out switch
Price: $20.00

Cut-Out Switch


9. Jawa Fuel Tank

Jawa fuel tank with taps
Price: $100.00

Fuel Tank


10. Used Leathers

Used Leathers fits 5'10" about 160lbs
Price: $200.00



11. Seat

Maliniak Seat
Price: $60.00



12. Engine Plates

Talon engine plates for #1 frame
Price: $60.00

Engine Plates


13. Front Fork Assembly

Stuha front fork assembly with bitubo shock, install new fork rubbers, top plate and handlebar clamps
Price: $275.00

Front Fork Assembly


14. Seat

Black solo seat with no rips
Price: $50.00



15. Bike and Fork Covers

Used bike and fork cover sets - sold as set
Red or Blue
Price: $75.00 ea set

Bike and Fork Covers

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