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For Sale

How To Place an AD

If you would like to put a For Sale or Wanted listing for your speedway bike or speedway parts on our For Sale Page:

1. Send your ad material to: RC Jones rcjones@speedwaybikes.com.

2. Include:
   a. Name and phone number of person requesting the For Sale or Wanted Page.
   b. A valid E-mail address and or phone number of how/where to be contacted.
   c. Location of item(s) for sale, such as city and state.

3. Please notify SpeedwayBikes.com when your item is sold. Your ad will run for 90 days then be removed if you do not verify/validate the ad.

4. Please include photos and a phone number as that will help get your items sold faster.

This For Sale Page is not for Dealers.

Dealers that desire to sponsor our site can contact: RC Jones rcjones@speedwaybikes.com for further information


If you are a seller, you can lessen the chances of being duped by an e-mail scam by taking these steps:
1. Do not accept a check for more than the agreed-to amount of the sale. The seller is typically asked to return the "extra" amount.
2. Do not ship anything until your bank assures you that the check is valid -- even if it is a cashier's check -- and it clears the bank.
3. Beware of the "African Scam" involving "buyers" from Nigeria.

(Please Note: We are not responsible for your stupidity if things go wrong.)

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