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RC and Ryan
RC and Ryan - US Nationals Oct 2013
Dorcey took Photo

20th Anniversary

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Welcome to SpeedwayBikes.com, the largest Speedway web site in North America. Though considered a minor sport in the USA, Speedway motorcycle racing is a major attraction across the continent of Europe. America's most successful riders finish their professional careers riding on foreign tracks. Covering Speedway riders and Speedway races is what we do.

Kim Gregory started this web site in 1995 as a North American Speedway Site. Since then in 1995, we have been growing and making improvements in our coverage and content. We have survived without irritating pop-up commercials, but we recognize that bills have to be paid. We warmly welcome new advertisers to help sponsor our SpeedwayBikes web site. Contributions are also well received.

In the early years Gary Roberts, Ryan Evans and RC Jones contributed to the site reporting on speedway in California. Ian Blair was providing assistance for the East Coast racing. Then Kim decided to stop managing the site around 1997 and Ian took over for another year or two. During this time the Canadians moved over to their own site and this became the U.S. Speedway Racing website. Gary then took over the management for the next few years while RC and Ryan posted the information.

In 2005 RC Jones redesigned the site and took over the management. RC now is the owner of speedwaybikes.com. With our latest web page redesign, we hope to serve the Speedway Community even better. Please let us know if we have missed any important links. We finally have an official logo (below) designed in 2014. Thank you! RC Jones

Dorcey, RC and Paul
2014 Industry Racing
Dorcey Wingo, RC Jones and Paul Flanders

Dorcey, Paul and Ryan
Your SpeedwayBikes.com photographers and reporters
Dorcey Wingo, Paul Flanders and Ryan Evans. Kevin Fife clicked shutter.
2011 Industry


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