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Former Speedway Schools - Learn to Slide

Speedway bikes, leathers, helmets, steel shoe, etc. are supplied by most schools. Just forget everything you have ever learned about riding motorcycles, and begin again!
- Turn the handlebars RIGHT to go LEFT! (remember, these bikes can't turn right!)
- The throttle still turns the same way, but you give it MORE to slow down and LESS to speed up!
When the bike weighs less than some riders and has 60 horsepower, body English is everything!

Steve Lucero's Speedway Training School

Steve Lucero's Speedway Training School
Bike Preparation
Safety Equipment
Riding Techniques
Starting Techniques
Riding Evaluation
Racing Strategy
FOR INFORMATION, CALL: (909) 822-6762

Dukie Ermolenko Speedway Academy

Dukie Ermolenko will be conducting his speedway academy at the speedway track located at Lake Elsinore Raceway. Dukie's classes can be tailored for riders of all levels. From your first day on a speedway bike to a veteran looking to smooth out the rough edges. Dukie can provide advice and lend his expertise to improve your riding. For more information you can call (714) 952-8580 or e-mail at ermospeed@sbcglobal.net.

I Slide Speedway School

I Slide Speedway School by Greg Comstock Next school date is Saturday, May 12, 2001 at Hi-Go Raceway in Cecil, Wisconsin (15 minutes west of Green Bay). Bikes and all gear (except helmets) provided for $295. If you bring your own bike, the fee is only $95. Blackboard session will begin at 10:00 am. Track sessions will run from 11:30 am to 4:00 PM. Limited spots available, so call now: 920-682-8115, or e-mail speedway75@yahoo.com.

Hi-Go Raceway, a 250-meter clay kart track, will be hosting speedway twice a month this summer. Speedway bikes will be running with the kart program primarily on Sunday afternoons. May 20 is the first scheduled date. For more information on the track itself, log on to the www.higoraceway.com Web site. A practice session will be held at Hi-Go on April 21, 2001.

The Midwest Speedway Riders Association, Inc. (MSRA) is a non-profit Wisconsin corporation dedicated to the growth and promotion of speedway in the Midwest. The I Slide Speedway School is a division of the MSRA. Current MSRA projects include building a Midwest rider base, finding suitable tracks for speedway, and showcasing the sport of speedway at trade shows, swap meets and races.

A new speedway track is reportedly being built in Indianapolis in late April, 2001. For more information on this project, contact Jon Ard at jonnyspeedway@aol.com.

Jules Kart Raceway Wilmington, Illinois is also open for speedway practice every Sunday. Only a $20 fee (Note: track will be closed Sunday, April 22).

The July 16, 2000 session of the I Slide Speedway School at Jules Kart Raceway, Wilmington IL, was a great Sunday. We had a very diverse group that also turned out to be very talented. The weather was beautiful and the riders got a lot of track time. We rode from 11:00 am to 5:00 PM with a short lunch break.

All riders received a video of their rides (we try to tape every lap.) They also got a certificate of achievement and a certificate from Bell Helmets for a discount on a new helmet.

He keeps the classes small so everyone gets a lot of personal attention and feedback.

Speedway School by Greg Comstock

Group shot from left to right: Dave Kilkenny, Eric Miller, Scott Lutz, Scott Johnson, Andy Delimat (chief instructor), Bill Couvellis, Greg Comstock (principal). The individual pictures are Bill Couvellis, a dentist from Chicago who owns a Rotax, in the white jersey, and Eric Miller, a trials rider.

Speedway School by Greg Comstock

Speedway School by Greg Comstock

Dixon Practice Track

Argyll Park
11 miles south of Dixon, off Hwy. 113
4975 Rio Dixon Road
Dixon, CA 95620
Phone: (707) 678-3592
Snack Bar: (707) 678-9956
Pager: (707) 452-2440

Brad Oxley's Speedway School

Brad Oxley conducts one-on-one speedway clinics for about $50.00 a day. Brad can be reached at:
International Speedway, Inc.
P.O. Box 3334
San Clemente, CA USA 92672
Phone: (714) 492-9933
(Thanks to Chris Campos)

John Cook Speedway Academy

John Cook Speedway Academy 1999-2000

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