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Stan Bradbury's Speedway Training Notes

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The earlier Jawa two valve machines came with a long banana style saddle which, while very comfortable, does not provide the best riding position for all riders. The short saddle is the favourite and with such a saddle, the rider is better able to position himself for the start and it provides more certain support for his right thigh when cornering. The short saddle is also lighter and with certain rear mudguards, is the only type that can be used. A deep-skirt version of the short saddle is also available which is designed primarily to protect the newer centre carb engines when used in conjunction with a carb apron. The advantages of a short saddle are relatively minor to a rider with only limited experience and, unless the rider is particularly anxious to have a replica of world championship machines, would be wen advised to save his money (if that is a problem) for other, more important expenditures.

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