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Stan Bradbury's Speedway Training Notes

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I can give you some information on the Jawa 2 and 4 valve engines, which is not in any manual or technical data sheet and can do the same for the J.A.P. motor, on request. If any of you are running the Weslake and Godden engines, I also have some information and experience on these motors and will make as much of this information available as possible, upon request.

In the past, motorcyclists have evoked a great deal of criticism from the general public, both deserved and otherwise. At the time of writing public opinion has softened somewhat towards motorcyclists in general. Speedway in Canada has suffered a long up-hill battle to reach even its present lowly position, consequently the CSRA, the CMA and myself, through these notes, urge all riders, prospective riders and other interested parties to try to uphold the good image which we wish to create. This policy will ultimately lead to greater acceptance by the public, more paying spectators and more and better riders. Other sports have succeeded or are also trying to create a better image and have positive proof of direct improvements because of their actions.

The CSRA represents the majority of speedway riders in Canada and many of the U.S. riders who ride regularly in Canada. There is no doubt that without the efforts of the CSRA's membership, speedway in Canada would not be the modest reality that it is today.

A list of achievements from its efforts would be quite long even though many of these achievements are little known and have received little or no publicity.

By becoming a member of the CSRA, a rider or other interested party can help to support a respected organization with a strong influence on Canadian way for a very modest sum.

Whether a rider, mechanic, helper or spectator, may you enjoy motorcycle speedway racing and have Good Luck.

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