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Stan Bradbury's Speedway Training Notes

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  • Wheels, front and rear including tires
  • Chains, front and rear
  • Fuel and oil cap
  • Exhaust pipe clips
  • Muffler clips
  • Clutch cable and handlebar lever
  • Twist grip and throttle cable
  • Set of handlebars (and safety clamps if alloy bars)
  • Set of ignition contact points and condenser, if used
  • Ignition coil, if used
  • Magic box, if used
  • Extra set of charging leads for magic box
  • Wiring harness for magic box
  • Muffler mount straps
  • Muffler mount flexible stud
  • Carb Rubber - Amal Mk 2 or similar
  • Float bowl screws - Amal Mk2, or similar
  • Float bowl nut Dell Orto or similar
  • Plug lead, complete with cap
  • Front wheel spindle and nut
  • Rear wheel spindle and nut
  • Rear wheel spindle adjusters
  • Engine or countershaft bolt(s) and nut(s) or "moon" nuts
  • Footrest and support bolt and nut
  • Footrest and rear stays bolt and nuts
  • Saddle pillar frame bolt and nut
  • Short frame bolt and nut
  • Fork stem top nut
  • Full set of engine and rear wheel sprockets
  • Two Front fork legs (sliders) complete with bushings and springs, etc.

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