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Miny Waln, 1932 North America Speedway National Champion

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Miny was a riding buddy of my Dad's back in the 20's and 30's, and they remained good friend long after they both gave up riding. Miny told me once how he brought the first J.A.P. speedway bike to the USA.

The story about Miny and the first Speedway bike raced in the US is an interesting one told to me by Miny when he was visiting my folks in Ventura CA. in the late 70's, I am not sure of the year. Anyway, he said that he had heard of the J.A.P. bikes being raced in England and he ordered one. It was 3 months before it was delivered to him in California. The only person who knew he had ordered it was his wife. The day it finally arrived he took it to a meet in San Diego CA. and won every race. Now of course there was much interest among the other racers and orders were placed but due to the 3 month delivery time Miny ruled the roost until more J.A.P.s arrived from the UK. Unfortunately I do not know what year this all took place or what Miny was riding at the time. I do know Miny rode Crockers for a while and had a Crocker engine for many years after he retired from racing, but he finally gave it away.

My Dad who is 91 has not heard from Miny in many years, he was slightly older than my Dad so he has probably passed away. Like many successful racers Miny was small in stature, was a true gentleman, and a credit to the sport of motorcycle racing. My Mother often told the story of being at a race one night when they overheard two guys in the stands talking about how they came to see "that woman race" they thought Miny's name was pronounced Minnie.

Kim: I have one picture of Miny, sitting on his Speedway bike probably in England. When he gave the original to my brother he could not remember for sure where the picture was taken but he thought it was in the UK. If you are interested, and will send me an address, I will be happy to send you a copy of the picture. I do not have a scanner but I will have it copied and mail it to you.

I had always heard that Miny was American champion three years in a row. Your time line of past champions starts with Miny in 1932, do you know who was champ before 1932?

Sincerely, Bill Faith wnewt@iwvisp.com

Miny is listed in the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame


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