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1999 WSRA ICE Speedway World Championship

Florence, South Carolina

Round Seven of the Sixteen Round Series

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Florence Civic Center
Sunday January 24, 1999 Florence Civic Center
Florence, South Carolina
James Birkinshaw, Sheffield England

James Birkinshaw Breaks Barlow's Winning Streak

A fast afternoon of racing, in front of 6,000 race fans. Due to equipment failures, and rider absences, there were fewer heats than the last weeks, but still 12 riders in each division, and the main events were full and fast.

James Birkinshaw (England) had a perfect night, winning his heats and the final in the Speedway Bike class. Matt King (California) had a very bad night due to a flat rear tire, replaced at the last minute with a spare that Matt could not adjust to quickly. It just goes to show how close the competition is when Matt can go from front runner, and podium finishes to last place, with just a small problem. The riders from England and Australia have made a fast adjustment to the ICE racing, and are the stars of the show.

It seems silly to say it, but the ice felt very different, and it seemed more like a 'blue groove' track, with little change in position from the gate, to the checkered flag. Maybe it was the riders are getting so close in skills now.

Quad rider Mandy had the crowd on their feet in the first quad heat with a side-by-side challenge with Danny. It lasted three laps with Mandy winning by only a wheel at the flag. Mandy's engine had major damage, and she borrowed another quad for the main, finishing second. This places her in a TIE for FIRST PLACE in the points standings for the series. I hope she gets the NUMBER ONE plate for next year!

No. Rider 1 2 3 4 5 6 = Last Final Points
#2 James Birkinshaw
(Sheffield, England)
..1..120.1 20+30=50
#5 Anthony Barlow
(Merseyside, England)
.2.1..15.2 15+25=40
#6 Stuart Robson
(Northumberland, England)
.1.2..15.3 15+20=35
#1 Robert Curry
(Rancho Cordova, California)
.3..1.1324 13+15=28
#11 Nick Fafard
(Montreal Quebec, Canada)
..2.2.1035 10+10=20
#9 David Meldrum
(Edinburgh, Scotland)
1....31316 13+ 5=18
#10 Adrian Newman
(Melbourne, Australia)
2....2104. 10+ 3=13
#3 Gary Hesmer
(Mississauga Ontario, Canada)
3...3. 65. 6+ 3= 9
#15 Kim Gregory
(Mississauga Ontario, Canada)
..33.. 66. 6+ 3= 9
#7 Matt King
(Vallejo, California)
.4...4 2.. 2 = 2
#8 Shawn Hurley
(Westminster, Colorado)
4..4.. 2.. 2 = 2
#14 Joe Gawith
(Aurora, Colorado)
..4.4. 2.. 2 = 2
No. Rider 1 2 3 4 5 6 = Last Final Points
#17 Louis Smith
(Gulfport Mississippi)
..1.1.20T1 20+40=60
#2 Mandy "Wild Child" Brodil
(Los Banos CA)
.1.4..11T2 11+35=46
#12 Robby Calhoun ..4..111T3 11+30=41
#14 Terry Dan Reed
(Gulfport Mississippi)
..3..2 8T4 8+25=33
#11 Wesley Reed
(Gulfport Mississippi)
3....3 6T5 6+20=26
#8 Jeremy Wahl
(Saucier MS)
.3...4 4T6 4+15=19
#7 Brent Densford
(N. Myrtle Beach SC)
.4..2. 6T7 6+10=16
#16 Danny Fowler .2.1..15T8 15+ 5=20
#19 Joe Tomas
(Colorado Springs, Colorado)
..22..10.. 10+ 3=13
#18 Harley 4...4. 2.. 2
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