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15th Annual Speedway ICE Racing National Championships

Fort Wayne, Indiana

March 22, 1997

Allen County War Memorial Coliseum
Allen County War Memorial Coliseum
4000 Parnell Avenue,
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46805
(219) 482 - 9502

Speedway Motorcycle ResultsIndoor ICE Speedway Racing

1st Rob "Kid" Curry (North California) ('89 World Cup Champ.)
The new 1996 USA Indoor ICE Race Champion
2nd John "Mountain Man" Grant (CAL)
3rd John Gregg (CAL)
4th Bill Hermant (CAL)
5th Patrick Ahlund (Canada/Sweden)
6th Kim "Do it sideways!" Gregory (Canada)

Quad Main Event Results

1. Jason Montgomery
2. Scott Beauchamp
3. Steve Clutter
4. Robert Stier
5. Dennis Segatto
6. Steve Owens
7. Ken Curtis

Four thousand people came out to see a terrific show, and that is what they got! The QUADs provided 'wheel crunching' close racing with spectacular 'end over end' crashes that had the crowd on it's feet. The favorite quad of the night, Michael Goodrich and his 1200cc Harley powered quad, had a minor bump ruin his evening. While in third place, a coil wire was torn loose by his competitor's front tire, and after suffering several obvious shocks, was able to reconnect it and pursue the pack.

The speedway motorcycles also provided some 'hair raising' crashes. Don (The Target) Foster (Colorado) lived up to his nickname, and had his front wheel remodeled. Jay "Do or Die" Gruetzmacher ( Colorado ) was very fast, but had a hard time adjusting to the tight track, bouncing off the walls. In our first heat, he took me out after rebounding off the wall, braking my lower frame bolt. I had a lovely slide on my ass down the whole back straight to the crowd's amusement! Without the frame bolt, I had problems with my chain coming off when the heat was restarted. I barely made it into the last chance race, where Jay laid it down in front of me again (missed him this time!). Then on the next lap, Gary "The Hit Man" Hesmer (Canada) lived up to his name by taking out his cousin Chris "The Missile" Hesmer ( anada - 2nd in '96 Speedway)! This ended both their chances of making the final, as the race was not stopped.

Greetings from Gary Densford - President / I.C.E.

We are happy to announce the 15th Annual Speedway ICE Racing National Championships. Only the Cost Mesa dirt National has run longer than our annual National. Winners in both divisions, along with having their names added to the list of past winners, will take home some cash and the Silver I.C.E. Bucket. This coveted trophy is awarded only once annually to our National Champion. This year, to add to the nights excitement and fun, we will include 100 Indiana State Lotto Tickets inside each I.C.E. Bucket! Who knows, we may end up with speedway's first million dollar Champion.

Directions: Interstate 69 to exit 112A. Go south to Coliseum Blvd. and turn left and go 3 blocks to the corner of Parnell and Coliseum. Click here for MAP

See: I.C.E. Awards page for previous Championships and the last event of this type in Ottawa, Canada!

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