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California Speedway 97

California Speedway 97
Written by Gary Roberts

This book is a must for every fan of Speedway
With 3 Californian World Champions in 5 years, its time someone said something!


Have you ever wondered:

- How California keeps sending so many world class riders over to Europe?
- What kind of an environment does it take to create them?
- What happened in 1997 on the Californian Speedway scene?

This book tells you:

- Differences between Californian Speedway and European Speedway
- Why Californian Speedway is known world wide for the most successful presentation of Speedway anywhere
- How Californian promoters have turned Speedway into an exciting family show
- Details of all tracks in California
- Details of the other tracks in the USA that are running
- Reports from top Northern and Southern Californian events
- Details of the next Americans to expect to see in Europe

It also contains pictures of practically every Californian rider who competed in 1997, plus plenty of action shots.

Just E-Mail Gary Roberts at groberts@iee.org and let him know how many you want.

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