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Chris HesmerChris Hesmer

Canada National Speedway Champion 1998

Nickname: "The Champ"
Rider Number: 1
Hometown: Brantford
Place of Birth:
Birthdate: March 2, 1977
Marital Status:
Relatives in Speedway: Brother Aaron Hesmer - Uncle Jim Hesmer - Cousin Gary Hesmer
E-mail: hesmer@worldchat.com
Argentina: Dec 1998 - Feb 1999 In care of: gsahagun@impsat1.com.ar
Web Site or Facebook Page:
Date Started Speedway:
Reason to Race Speedway:
Goals or Ambitions for Speedway:

Bike: Jawa Laydown

Tracks Ridden:
Canada: Niagara Speedway - Eagle's Nest Raceway - Paris Speedway - C.C. Speedway - Outdoor Ice - Repentigny, Quebec - 1996 Corel Centre, Ottawa and 1997 Canadian National ICE
USA: Costa Mesa - Lake Perris - Glen Helen - Victorville - Champion Speedway (NY) - Lawrenceburg Speedway (Indiana) - Bear Creek Speedway (Ohio) - Fort Wayne Coliseum (1096 USA National ICE - Indiana) - Nashville (1997 USA National ICE - Tenn.)

1998 - Champion - Canadian Speedway National Championships - Round Two
1998 - Canadian Speedway National Championships - Round One
1998 - Second in the Quebec Championships
1997 - Third in the Canadian Speedway National Championships
1996 - Canadian Points Champion
1996 - Second in the Canadian Speedway National Championships
1995 - Second in the Canadian Points Championship
1994 - Canadian Points Champion
1994 - Central Ontario Speedway Track Champion
1992 - Winner of "Canada's Most Improved" Award

Four head concussions, dislocated left and right shoulders, broken right hand, a few cracked ribs, lots of scraps, bruises, pulled muscle and general boo boo's

Hobbies (aside from racing)
Playing Golf- hopefully make varsity team in future, 1977 Porsche restoration project, Hard Core Mountain Biking, WWF Wrestling (Cause Stone Cold Said So!), Circuit Training

Left to right: Bogdan, Jeff Orosz, Chris Slabon, Chris Hesmer, John Keyhoe
Action photos at Welland by Willy.

From Brantford, "The Champ", 23 year old has been racing since he was 14, and every year has gotten faster and harder to beat. Finally winning the 1998 Canadian Championship! A real crowd favorite with a talent of making any line around the track work for him. He is one of the few that can pass well on the outside at Welland. Chris is in his third year of university and says: "I have chosen not to ride overseas yet because my education comes first."

Ha! He raced in Argentina in 1998! Read Chris Hesmer's report, from December 19, 1998 Chris is involved in helping the RCMP in a program that encourages kids to stay off drugs. "Racing Against Drugs" travels to local schools, and lets our kids meet the athletes, and talk about how important it is to stay straight.

Racing Against Drugs - RCMP

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