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Gary Ford

Unknown - September 1995

Gary Ford was the Canadian National Champion in 1976, 1977, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1985 and 1986. He traveled to England in 1978 and raced for Weymouth and as a reserve rider for Poole. He went to many tracks in the USA after that, including California, and won several Ice Speedway Championships in the USA (1984 USA National ICE Champion, 1985, 1986 World Cup Series Champion, 1987 Bob Hendrick Memorial Sportsman Award).

After returning to race in Canada, he suffered a severe broken leg and arm in a crash at Welland in 1987, when he hit the boards near the pit entrance after being involved in a multiple rider crash in turn one. Two spectators were also injured behind the fence. Due to blood loss, he had brain damage, and was in a comma for six weeks. He only partially recovered from that accident, and spent his remaining years living with his parents. He attended the races on a few occasions in the last few years and was active in supporting other riders with advice and equipment. He was admired as one of our greatest speedway riders.

Gary died in September 1995. His parents have continued to support many riders in Gary's memory by forming 'Gary Ford Racing'.

Nickname: "The Iceman"

Bike: Weslake

See the North American Speedway Champions, and the ICE Awards for his wins.

Gary - helmet off   Gary on ICE bike

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