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Len DillonLen Dillon

Canadian Speedway Champion 1983, 84, 87, 89, 90, 92, 93, 94
Canadian Longtrack Speedway Champion 1991, 92, 94, 94

Rider Number: 83
Hometown: St. Catharines, Ontario - Canada
Place of Birth:
Birthdate:  July 24, 1947
Marital Status:
Relatives in Speedway:
E-mail: ndillon@vaxxine.com
Web Site or Facebook Page:
Date Started Speedway: 1974 - 1996
Reason to Race Speedway:
Goals or Ambitions for Speedway:

Notes: Len was the 1994 Speedway National Champion and at the 1995 championship he announced he had retired from racing. But don't let that fool you. In April 1996 he got an F.I.M. license, and flew to Sweden as part of the 1996 Canadian Speedway Team! He then flew off to Australia to compete in Ivan Mauger's 1998 Long Track Series and Peter Hendersen reports: "You may have seen my results emails on the longtrack meets held here recently. While trying to get results, I finished up talking to the man himself Ivan Mauger. I mentioned to him that there are people who are interested in how the Canadians were going down here, and he had quite a bit of praise for Len Dillon in particular. He mentioned that without the bad luck he had, Len would have been right there with Loram and Dunker and Co. He really did seem impressed with Len."

Len lives in St. Catharines, Ontario, and when I first met him in 1976, he was in the expert class in dirt-track (short-track and half-mile), racing against 750cc Harleys on his 750 Triumph twin. He switched to speedway in 1980, and has won 13 speedway championships, (held the Canadian National number one plate ten years). He graded and prepared the Welland track for fifteen years, starting in the late 70's, and his wife Noreen, has been very active in the clerical side of racing. He and his wife are now proud grandparents, and they won the CSRA 1995 Duncan Luke Supporter Award. (see race results for the 1995 Canadian National Championship).

Bike: Godden and Jawa 884

Tracks Ridden:
USA: Costa Mesa Speedway - Champion Speedway, NY - Bear Creek Speedway - Lawrenceburg Motorcycle Speedway
Canada: Niagara Speedway - Paris Speedway - C.C. Speedway and half-mile tracks in Ontario and Quebec
Sweden - Brassarna Speedway (Nassjö) - Molmö - Kaparna (Göteborg) - Dackarna Speedway (Målilla)

Canadian Speedway Racing Hall of Fame
2011 - Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame
1998 - Quebec Championship Aug 1
1998 - Paris Speedway Events Jun 12, Jun 19, Jun 26, Jul 10
1998 - New Champion Speedway Events Jun 27, Jul 11, Jul 25, Aug 8, Aug 30
1998 - Ivan Mauger's Long Track Race 1998
1997 - Paris Speedway Event Aug 31
1997 - Eagles Nest Speedway Event Aug 30
1997 - Champion Speedway Events Jul 19, Aug 2, Aug 16
1996 - CSRA Speedway Riders Points
1996 - Paris Speedway Events Jun 14, Jun 28, Jul 12, Jul 26, Sep 1
1996 - Niagara Raceway Speedway (Welland) Event Jul 27
1996 - Lawrenceburg Speedway - Lawrenceburg, Indiana - Aug 30
1996 - US Open Speedway Championship - Bear Creek Speedway Aug 3
1995 - Niagara Raceway Speedway (Welland) Events Jun 24, Jul 8
1995 - Paris Speedway Events Jun 11, Jul 9
1995 - Lemington 1/2 Mile National Round #2 June 7
1995 - Woodstock 1/2 Mile National Round #1 May 21
1983 - Canadian Speedway Champions List

Len Dillon
Len at Molmö, Sweden on Buck Blair's bike.

1997 Len Dillon
Photo from Champion Speedway Video

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