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John Lewis

Nickname: "Boogeyman"
Rider Number: 47
Current Hometown: Syracuse, New York - USA
Place of Birth:
Date of Birth: February 22, 1962
Marital Status:
Relatives in Speedway: Father "The Ironman" George Lewis
Web Site or Facebook Page:
Date Started Speedway: ~1980's then 2011
Reason to Race Speedway:
Goals or Ambitions for Speedway:
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Tracks Ridden:
USA: Champion Speedway - Victory Speedway, Syracuse NY

2017 - 3rd Place B Main - Champion Speedway 07/29/17
2014 - Riders Points - Champion Speedway
2014 - Handicap Main - Champion Speedway 07/26/14
2013 - US Open - Champion Speedway Aug 31/Sep 1
2013 - Champion Speedway Event Aug 3
2012 - Champion Speedway Events Jul 21, Aug 18, Sep 1
2011 - Champion Speedway Events Jun 25, Jul 9, Jul 23, Sep 3

20 plus year veteran star on the East Coast Speedway Dirt and Ice scene. Part of the well-known Father/Son duo for years with his Dad, "The Ironman" George Lewis, John has won many races in his career and along with his father, was Co-Promoter at Victory Speedway in Victory, NY in the early 90's. The "Boogeyman" has always been a popular entertainer with the crowd and just came back to racing the last 2 seasons after a long retirement. It is great to have him back! His most recent appearance was at the US Open Championships in September.

John Lewis

John Lewis

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