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Pat Reynolds1997 National

Nickname: "Passer Man"
Rider Number: 12
Current Hometown: Lexington, Kentucky, USA
Place of Birth:
Date of Birth:
Marital Status:
Relatives in Speedway:
E-mail: Patrick.Reynolds@mvs.hosp.uky.edu
Web Site or Facebook Page:
Date Started Speedway:
Reason to Race Speedway:
Goals or Ambitions for Speedway:

Lawrenceburg Results from Patrick Reynolds

Bike: Jawa

Tracks Ridden:
Paris Speedway - Bear Creek Speedway - Lawrenceburg Motorcycle Speedway

Racing Achievements:
1997 - 6th Place Eagle's Nest Championships 08/30/97
1997 - 8th Place Paris Speedway Championships 08/31/97
1997 - 11th Place Canadian Speedway National Championships 07/26/97
1996 - 7th Place Canadian Speedway National Championships 07/27/96
1996 - 7th Place U.S. Open Speedway Championships 08/03/96
1995 - 4th Place Ohio State Speedway Championships 07/08/95
1995 - 2nd Place Indiana State Speedway Championships 08/11/95
1995 - 5th Place U.S. Open Speedway Championships 08/19/95
1993 - 3rd Place US Open Speedway Championships
1992 - 3rd Place Ohio State Championships
1991 - 3rd Place Ohio State Championships

Pat's reflections on the 1997 accident with Scotty Brown:

"I felt real bad about Scotty as I was involved in that accident. I kinda felt responsible for what happened: It was an exhibition only and It happened in the handicap portion. I worked my way through traffic and then waited on Scotty. He passed me in turn 2-3 of the last lap and then waited on me coming out of turn four (the tightest part of the track - just barely wide enough for two bikes). I blazed into three real hard and then sat the bike up real vertical to keep from sliding off the pole and when I did it hooked up and I drove straight into Scotty. We both went into the wall, and then two guys came in on top of us: one of which ran over my head with his engine cases. This destroyed my helmet (thank God for good helmets) and gave me a concussion: When I finally made it home, I slept for 28 hours straight and was dizzy for about a week.

Scotty stayed overnight at University of Cinn. Hosp. where they set and cast his fracture. He traveled home the next day. His orthopedic surgeon was planning on waiting ten days to see how it did and then making a decision about surgery. He seems in pretty good spirits considering, and is still planning on opening Matthias Speedway. I hope he does well, as he and I have been good friends for about fifteen years. It's one of those things you wish you could go back and do over, but I guess racing is full of things like that.

On a brighter note: riding on the concrete is lots of fun. A 3.00 trials tire works best, and it's real important not to oil down the track/parking lot (keep your dump dumped and even safety wire sponges on the bike's cases to soak up leaks). It's also a good idea to build a guard for the clutch as it grinds it off when you fall. I made a very simple one that works quite well: I can outline it for you if you're interested in giving it a try."

Don't forget: If you can't slide - Why ride! Patrick.

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