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Fast Fridays Speedway
Gold Country Fairgrounds - Auburn, CA

2000 Fast Fridays
Fast Fridays
May 19, 2000
From Gary Roberts

Week 2 of Fast Fridays season was another great evening at the Gold Country Fairgrounds in Auburn. Significantly warmer than the previous week, the track as always was well prepared but seemed to catch one or two riders out, resulting in a number of nasty looking accidents, which in turn lead to lengthy delays and re-run races.

Charlie  Venegas 1997
Scratch Main

  1.. Charlie Venegas
  2.. Bobby Hedden
  3.. Bart Bast
  4.. Chris Manchester

For the second week, Charlie Venegas won the scratch main event from the gate. On the second lap Bobby Hedden pulled along side him on the outside, but was unable to pull ahead. Bobby settled in for a safe second place.

Scratch Consi
  1.. Mike Faria
  2.. Billy Janniro
  3.. Chad Felicio
  4.. Tommy Hedden

Mike Faria lead this race from the gate. Mike looked incredibly fast all evening.

Handicap Main
  1.. Bobby Hedden
  2.. Tommy Hedden
  3.. Mike Faria
Bobby Hedden - 1999

Also qualifying were Robert Curry, Billy Janniro and Ian Essary. In the first running of this race Ian Essary fell down hard. The event was restarted with a staggered start from the positions of the previous attempt. The Heddens continued their dominance of the race, with Mike Faria following. Behind them Robert Curry and Billy Janniro were having a good battle. But it all ended on turn 4 when they tumbled, with Curry getting the worst of the deal.

Last week Rich Marcucci rode incredibly well to win the Handicap Main. His reward was a further 10 yard handicap. This week he suffered an engine misfire and was unable to get out of his heat.

Handicap Consi
  1.. Chris Manchester
  2.. Bart Bast
  3.. Chad Felicio
  4.. Vance Felicio
  5.. Rick Shafer

Charlie Venegas qualified but was a non starter. Chris Manchester, looking like his old self lead for 5 laps with Bart Bast close behind.

Tom  Adams - 1997
Div 2 Main
  1.. Tom Adams
  2.. George Snodgrass
  3.. Marvin Sonnier
  4.. Mike Browne
  5.. Dave Booth
  6.. Richard Powell

Div 2 Consi
  1.. Ivan Sevart
  2.. Harlan Bast
  3.. Scott Olney
  4.. Bill Thomas
  5.. Craig Boone
  6.. Danny Miles

Hard battling Craig Boone was leading when Danny Miles and Bill Thomas fell down. In the re-run he missed the start, and just when it looked like he was moving back up the field his chain broke, leaving it to Ivan Sevart and his granddad, Harlan Bast.

Div 3 Main
  1.. Richard Daster
  2.. Billy Hiles
  3.. Ron Woodsford
  4.. Robert Mellor
  5.. Geno Bellino

Vince Bertolucci, Chris Orlandi and Kelly McBane also qualified for this race. After convincing wins in their heats, newcomers Richard Daster and Billy Hiles pulled away from the rest of the field to take first and second in the main.

Mark  Carrillo - 1999
Div 3 Consi
  1.. Dave Baker
  2.. Les Veale
  3.. John Knapp
  4.. Leventon
  5.. Ferreira
  6.. Becerra
  7.. Mark Blasey

Junior Div 1

Eric Carrillo was working his way through the field, but crashed heavily on turn one. Sorry missed the results on this one.

Junior Division2.
  1.. Mark Carrillo
  2.. Josh Newby
  3.. Alex Marcucci
  4.. Danny Easley
  5.. Brenton Bast

Danny Easley took the lead with Chris Olney in pursuit. They collided and the race was stopped. In the re-run, without Olney, Easley missed the start and Mark Carrillo took the race, riding Ed Rose's immaculate 250 Jawa laydown. I will be getting a picture of this unique machine onto www.speedwaybikes.com in the near future. It was good to see Josh Newby back, after being absent last season.

Chris  Smith - 1998
Junior Division3
  1.. Chris Smith
  2.. Amanda English
  3.. Mitchell Johnson
  4.. Paul Johnson

An enormous turn out of third division juniors. Far too many to run in one race. I didn't mention it was week, but I was personally pleased to see the lack of quads this year. I have always disliked their noise and smell, and the damage they have done to the track surface. I understand that entries were mailed to them, but they chose not to race at Auburn. I say good thing. It leaves more time for Speedway races. I'm not that keen on the 2 peewee races either, but they do provide a useful supply for next year's Junior Speedway riders.

Next week is the North American World Championship Qualifier. Sam Ermolenko and John Cook will be over from Europe, and it will no doubt be a great event.

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