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Arrowhead Motor Speedway

2000 Season Opener
Arrowhead Motor Speedway
November 18, 2000
From Ryan Evans


Current U.S. National Champion Greg Hancock showcased his talent by sweeping the scratch side of the program, including the Scratch Main, at the Orange Show Fairgrounds in San Bernardino Saturday.

Hancock was joined in the Scratch Main by "Fast" Eddie Castro, 17 year old Ryan Fisher, and Hancock's Coventry teammate Stuart Robson. Hancock, Castro, and Fisher were ready to go, but Robson was delayed due to the fact that his bike had just been ridden in the previous race by fellow Scottish rider David Meldrum. The other riders drew their positions first, but left Robson with the pole.

Hancock gated beautifully from gate three and immediately planted himself on the inside line. Robson was right on the former World Champion's back tire, but Fisher was challenging on the outside. Hancock looked picture perfect despite Robson's constant presence behind him. Fisher continued on the outside but was losing ground to the leaders and began feeling pressure from Castro. Castro passed Fisher for third, but wasn't close enough to put up a fight for second. Hancock took the win ahead of his Bees teammate Robson giving the fans a glimpse of what a Coventry 5-1 at Brandon looks like. Castro held on to third while Fisher finished fourth.

Mark Adams started in front of the field on the 20 yard line and immediately led the Handicap Main. Eddie Castro got the jump on fellow 40 yard riders David Meldrum, Stuart Robson, and Ryan Fisher and quickly dispatched 30 yard rider Ian Ferris to take second. Adams led after one lap and as he was completing lap two, Ferris went down forcing a restart.

The staggered restart would have Adams again in front and Castro 10 yards behind him and since only one lap was completed, the restart would be seven laps. Adams led the field into turn one and Castro immediately put the heat on him, while Fisher was running a close third. Adams held Castro back for two laps, but drifted wide coming out of turn four and the diminutive veteran rider took the lead. Fisher and Billy Janniro were able to get past Adams as well. Janniro and Fisher waged a tough battle for second with Janniro getting the best of the former 3-time Junior Champion. Castro took a comfortable win ahead of Janniro, and Greg Hancock also passed Fisher to take third.

Bill McCarley was so impressive in winning his Second Division Heat from the 30 yard line that referee Steve Lucero (yes, that Steve Lucero!) placed him on the 40 yard line in the main event. 40 yards proved to be not enough either as McCarley tore through the field to take an easy victory. Billy Lyons finished second, Dave Delbridge was third, and Northern California rider Mark Thomas was fourth.

Northern California rider Ron Woodsford made his trip down south a successful one by capturing the Second Division B Main Event. Speedway newcomer Shane Kump was second, Randy Kreps was third, and Howard Larson was fourth.

The meeting was the second of a three week series being promoted by Charlie Venegas. Operating as Edge Promotions, Venegas is hoping to establish another venue in Southern California to host speedway racing. Venegas is hoping to use this series as barometer to measure the viability of speedway in San Bernardino.

Venegas has been receiving support not only from Southern California riders, but riders from outside the area as well. There were six riders from Northern California and Ken Pieper and Chuck Johanson traveled from Colorado to compete as well.

The riders who made the longest journey were David Meldrum and Scott Robson, both from Scotland. Meldrum transferred out of his Handicap Heat, but was unable to transfer to the Handicap Main. He also transferred from his Scratch Heat, but was forced to compete in the Scratch Consolation after finishing fourth in his semi. In the Consolation, the Berwick Bandit finished second to Billy Janniro.

Robson experienced a little bit more success. He won his Handicap Heat and finished fifth in the Handicap Main. He also won his Scratch Heat and Scratch Semi before being defeated by Coventry teammate Greg Hancock in the Scratch Main.

Both riders said that they really enjoyed riding the smaller, American-type race track. The track measured approximately 245 yards and Robson said that it was a smaller version of Eastbourne.

Robson was expecting to fly home on Sunday and, therefore, will miss the final race of the series but Meldrum will compete Saturday. Both riders have been staying with Hancock and have enjoyed their stay in Southern California. This wasn't there first trip to the United States, however, as both have competed in the ice speedway series in the past.


Second Division B Main Event
111n - Ron Woodsford 		10
228 - Shane Kump 			10
165 - Randy Kreps 			20
168 - Howard Larson 		20
174 - Tomasz Hampel 		10
147 - Winston Williams 		20	(fell)

Second Division Consolation
182 - Rudy Laurer 			20
177 - Mark Hitchcock 		20
103 - Brent Smith 			10
234 - Frank Pecce 			20
200 - Gerry Duttweiler 		30
131 - David Lynch 			30

Second Division Main Event
120 - Bill McCarley 		40
321 - Billy Lyons 			30
338 - Dave Delbridge 		20
123n - Mark Thomas 		10
178 - Eloy Medellin 		20
 45c - Chuck Johanson 		10 	(non-starter)
Handicap Main Event
 14 - Eddie Castro 		40
 14n - Billy Janniro 		50
  1 - Greg Hancock 		50
 36 - Ryan Fisher 			40
  9 - Stuart Robson 		40
 11 - Bobby Schwartz 		50
 36n - Ian Ferris 			30
223 - Mark Adams 			20 	(fell)

Scratch Consolation
 14n - Billy Janniro
  2 - David Meldrum
223 - Mark Adams
 16 - Charlie Cooley

Scratch Main Event
  1 - Greg Hancock
  9 - Stuart Robson
 14 - Eddie Castro
 36 - Ryan Fisher
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