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Sideways Saturdays Speedway
Cal Expo - Sacramento, CA

Sideways Saturdays Speedway
Cal Expo - Sacramento, CA
Saturday June 9, 2001

From some respects last night was a rather disappointing opening night for Sideways Saturdays at Cal Expo.
As in previous years, the promoters have put in a load of time, effort and money preparing, but things really
did not go according to plan. The track started wet and slippery, then dried out and developed some
fairly deep ruts, holes, bumps etc. The less brave spent much of the evening 2 wheeling into the corners.
The crowd was also down from what it had built up to at the end of last season.

Most disappointing a couple of riders got hurt, although neither accident was attributable to the track conditions.
This and other re-runs caused the program to run out of time, and both second and third division consolation races
were cancelled.

Bart Bast

Scratch Main
1 Bart Bast
2 Eric Carrillo
3 Bryan Yarrow
4 Chad Felicio
Eric Carrillo lead from the gate for a lap before Bart Bast got past and won with a comfortable lead.

Scratch Consi
1 Bob Hicks
2 Tommy Hedden
The other competitors in this race were not able to start, so Bob and Tommy ran a demo race, crossing the finishing line together. A good gesture, to amuse the somewhat depleted crowd.

Handicap Main
1 Bryan Yarrow
2 Eric Carrillo
3 Bart Bast
4 Chad Felicio
5 Ivan Sevart

Handicap Consi
1 Billy Hiles
2 Rick Shafer
3 Bob Hicks
4 Tommy Hedden
5 Scott Olney

Division 2 Main
1 Vince Bertolucci
2 Robert Mellor
3 Matt Browne
4 Mike Browne
5 Kevin Fereira
6 Ron Woodsford

Division 3 Main
1 Brenton Bast
2 Mike Achilles
3 Bruce Baker

Juniors Division 1
TJ Fowler
Mark Carrillo
JT Mabry
Danny Easley
Alex Marcucci
Greg Hooten

Juniors Division 2
Jeff Butler
Jay Ricketts
Paul Johnson

A campaign is underway with riders and fans distributing posters. Long term, Sideways Saturdays is still considering moving back to Dixon, 15 miles west of Sacramento. The Cal Expo facility does not make Speedway fans as welcome as they might, in particular, they charge $6 parking to Speedway supporters, but nothing to horse-racing spectators. Sideways Saturdays promoters have parking permits available in advance, for $3, for those who are able to plan ahead.

Gary Roberts - groberts@iee.org

Cal Expo turns 1 and 2 Cal Expo turns 3 and 4

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