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Sideways Saturdays Speedway
Cal Expo - Sacramento, CA

Sideways Saturdays Speedway
Cal Expo - Sacramento, CA
Saturday June 23, 2001

A very pleasant evening at Cal Expo. The track looked well prepared early on, with a lot of loose dirt, but dried out later. The number of riders looked low, but quality of racing made up for the lack of quantity. Again, the newly promoted juniors made up a lot of the show.

Scratch Main
1 Bob Hicks 2 Bart Bast 3 Bobby Hedden 4 Tommy Hedden

What a race! It took a couple of attempts to get all four competitors started, but once underway, it was part timer Bob Hicks who got the gate and held the lead for four laps, with a tough battle for second going on behind him between Bart Bast and Bobby Hedden. The track looked dry, with quite a lot of dust coming up, but it was only after this race, the last one of the evening that I went down to photograph the prize presentations, and saw how really bad the track was. It looked like the surface of the moon, complete with ruts, craters, the lot. All credit to the four competitors!

Scratch Consi
1 Eric Carrillo 2 Chris Kerr 3 Bryan Yarrow 4 Jon Curry

This race comprised the Division 1 Junior competitors of 1999 and haven't they come a long way in the past 2 years! Eric won it then, he won it again this time. Chris Kerr, who has been looking very good this season made a bid for the lead a couple of times, but settled for second place after running into Eric's back wheel.

Handicap Main
1 Chris Kerr 2 Bob Hicks 3 Bobby Hedden 4 Ivan Sevart 5 Glen Moore 6 Bryan Yarrow.

Chris Kerr made no mistake from the zero yard line and just pulled further and further ahead. The rest of the race was extremely competitive. Bryan Yarrow has impressed me this season with his total control of the machine. With no hesitation, he did a very impressive lay down a couple of weeks ago at Auburn, when the rider a couple of yards ahead of him fell. This week, in the midst of the battle for second place Bryan found traction in turn four, stepped off the back, and looked as if he tried to smoothly vault over the wall, out of the way of the pack. Only later, when I watched the video did I notice the speed at which Bryan hit the wall, still not losing his footing.

Handicap Consi
1 Eric Carrillo 2 Bart Bast 3 Tommy Hedden 4 JJ Martynse 5 Tom Adams

Division 2 Main
1 JJ Martynse 2 Matt Browne 3 Shawn Eldridge 4 Mark Thomas 5 Robert Mellor 6 Kevin Fereira

Division 2 Consi
1 Vince Bertolucci 2 Devin DeFreece 3 Harlan Bast Snr. 4 Les Veale

Division 3 Main
1 Dave Baker 2 Daniel Chandler 3 Jason Botsford 4 Tony Spezza 5 Gary Hubbert 6 Richard Gutzke

Division 3 Consi
1 Eric Ryan 2 Kimi Valentine

Juniors Division 1
1 Danny Easley 2 Mark Carrillo 3 TJ Fowler 4 Greg Hooten

Juniors Division 2
1 Paul Johnson 2 Jeff Butler 3 Jay Ricketts 4 Tom Fuhrman

Juniors Division 3
Mitchell Johnson Adam Butler Tori Hubbert

Next week at Cal Expo the program will be supplemented with sidecars.

Gary Roberts - groberts@iee.org

Cal Expo turns 1 and 2 Cal Expo turns 3 and 4

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