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Sideways Saturdays Speedway
Cal Expo - Sacramento, CA

Sideways Saturdays Speedway
Cal Expo - Sacramento, CA
Saturday July 7, 2001

The evening started with a track that looked more suitable for a jet-ski race, but after the first half dozen races it turned into probably the best track we have seen all season at Cal Expo.  This enabled some fine racing.   Unfortunately, it was enjoyed by far too few, the stands looked somewhat deserted.

Scratch Main: 1 Bob Hicks 2 Bart Bast 3 Bobby Hedden 4 Chad Felicio

For the third week in a row the scratch main winner was Bob Hicks. Bob made the best gate then rode 4 laps with Bart Bast in his shadow. Bobby Hedden, who was put back 20 yards for breaking the tape tried on the outside, but was unable to make any impression.

Scratch Consi: 1 Tommy Hedden 2 Eric Carrillo 3 Bryan Yarrow 4 Paul Orlandi

To me this was the best race of the night. Tom Hedden got the gate but the persistent Eric Carrillo tried on the inside, while Bryan Yarrow and Paul Orlandi tried on the outside. Credit to all four riders for putting on a spectacular race.

Handicap Main: 1 Ivan Sevart 2 Chris Kerr 3 Chad Felicio 4 Bobby Hedden 5 Bob Hicks 6 Bart Bast

Bart Bast worked his way up to third then on the last lap overtook Sevart and Kerr on the inside on turn one. Both fell down, the race was stopped and Bast was credited with last place.

Revised results for Division I Handicap Main

Upon review of video and testimony by competent eye witnesses, the referee
has made the following changes to the finish of the Division I Handicap Main:

1-  387 Ivan Sevart
2-  87   Bart Bast
3-  54   Chad Felicio
4-    1   Bobby Hedden
5-  22   Bob Hicks
6-  27   Chris Kerr

The referee deemed Chris Kerr responsible for the collision in lap 4 between turns I
and 2 and the resulting red flag.

Handicap Consi: 1 Ivan Sevart 2 Chris Kerr 3 Chad Felicio 4 Bobby Hedden 5 Bob Hicks 6 Bart Bast

Glenn Moore rode a fine race until the last corner, when pressure from Bryan Yarrow caused him to venture wide, hitting the wall.

Division 2 Main: 1 Robert Mellor 2 Ron Woodsford 3 Matt Browne 4 Rachelle Kerr 5 Mark Thomas 6 Bill Dixon

Division 2 Consi 1: Dave Booth 2 Mike Browne 3 Shawn Eldridge 4 Harlan Bast Snr 5 Les Veale 6 Devin Defreece

Division 3 Main 1: Dan Chandler 2 Dean Blankenbiller 3 Tony Spezza 4 Richard Gutzke

Division 3 Consi: 1 Ben Blankenbiller 2 Dennis Chandler 3 Mike Hooten 4 Gary Hubbert 5 Steve Rowett

Juniors Division 1: 1 Greg Hooten 2 Mark Carrillo 3 JT Mabry

Juniors Division 2: 1 Bruce Bast 2 Jay Ricketts 3 Paul Johnson 4 Tom Fuhrman 5 Amanda English

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Cal Expo turns 1 and 2 Cal Expo turns 3 and 4

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