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Fast Fridays Speedway

Gold Country Fairgrounds - Auburn, CA

2001 Challenge #1
Fast Fridays Speedway
May 18, 2001
From Gary Roberts

Fast Fridays held their second event of the 2001 season last night on another beautiful hot Auburn evening. The crowd was less than last week, but still a healthy size. The track was a bit deep to start with, but settled down as the night went on. By the end of the night it was down to one racing line, even Mike Faria failed to make any impact on the outside.

Scratch Main

  1. Chris Manchester
  2. Bart Bast
  3. Mike Faria
  4. Bobby Hedden

Manchester got the gate, with Faria in tow. Faria tried the outside, letting Bart Bast take second. A lap later Bobby Hedden got past him too. On the third lap Bobby parked it in turn one and stopped, leaving Mike with third.

Handicap Main

  1. Chris Kerr
  2. Chad Felicio
  3. Tommy Hedden
  4. Eric Carrillo
  5. Bart Bast
  6. Mike Faria

Chris Kerr started on the zero yard line and bolted out of the gate and nobody managed to catch him, in fact, due to the hard fought battle going on behind him, he was allowed to expand his lead to win by nearly a quarter of a lap. Chris moved from Junior Speedway to Division two at the end of the 1999 season. A combination of machine problems and riding mistakes caused him a mixed season last year, but made no mistake last night.

Handicap Consi

  1. Chris Manchester
  2. Paul Orlandi
  3. Rich Marcucci
  4. Ivan Sevart
  5. Bobby Hedden
  6. Bryan Yarrow

Bryan Yarrow was in the thick of the battle for the lead when he fell on the middle of the main straight on his third lap.

Division 2 Main

  1. JJ Martynse
  2. Ron Woodsford
  3. Scott Olney
  4. Vince Bertolucci
  5. Robert Mellor
  6. Shawn Eldridge

A good battle out front between newly promoted Junior JJ Martynse and Ron Woodsford finally went to JJ.

Division 2 Consi

  1. George Snodgrass
  2. Greg Hooten
  3. Mark Thomas
  4. Tom Adams
  5. Matt Browne
  6. Harlan Bast

Division 3 Main

  1. Dave Baker
  2. Eric Ryan
  3. Mike Achilles
  4. Dean Blankenbiller

Juniors Division 1

  1. TJ Fowler
  2. Mark Carrillo
  3. Danny Easley
  4. JT Mabry
  5. Greg Hooten
  6. Alex Marcucci

Juniors Division 2

  1. Jeff Butler
  2. Jay Ricketts
  3. Pete King
  4. Paul Johnson
  5. Amanda English
  6. Tom Furhman
  7. Bruce Bast

Juniors Division 3

  1. Ricky Felicio
  2. Larry Azevedo
  3. Mitchell Johnson
  4. Adam Butler
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