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Fast Fridays Speedway

Gold Country Fairgrounds - Auburn, CA

2001 Fan of the Week
Fast Fridays Speedway
May 25, 2001
From Gary Roberts

The third event of the Auburn season. The weather has been hot in Auburn for the past 3 weeks but the track was in good shape and held out for most of the evening. Although it went a bit dry at the end, with little room for passing, most competitors seemed pleased with it.

Scratch Main

1 Mike Faria

2 Bart Bast

3 Chris Manchester

4 Chad Felicio

Felicio's motorcycle died as the tapes went up. The race was Faria from the gate. Manny tried to get around Bart, unsuccessfully.

Scratch Consi

1 Paul Orlandi

2 Eric Carrillo

3 Rich Marcucci

4 Ivan Sevart

Just as it looked like the youngsters were having a successful evening, 40+ers, Orlandi and Marcucci stormed from the gate, leaving teenagers Carrillo and Sevart in their dust. Rich went wide on the third lap letting Eric through, but Paul Orlandi made no mistakes.

Handicap Main

1 Eric Carrillo (10)

2 Rich Marcucci (20)

3 Chad Felicio (30)

4 Chris Manchester (40)

5 Bart Bast (50)

6 Chris Kerr (10)

1999 Junior National Champion Eric Carrillo out gated last week's winner, Chris Kerr, and stayed in front for 5 laps.

Handicap Consi

1 Bryan Yarrow (10)

2 Mike Faria (50)

3 Bobby Hedden (50)

4 Scott McNeil (0)

5 Rick Shafer (0)

6 Paul Orlandi (20)

2000 Junior National Champion Bryan Yarrow did a perfect Laydown, when Rick Shafer fell in front of him, so did Paul Orlandi. In the restart Bryan started in second place, behind Scott McNeil, but with Faria and Hedden behind him. He got around Scott, then did a great job to hold off Faria and Hedden for the rest of the race.

Division 2 Main

1 Greg Hooten

2 Vince Bertolucci

3 Mark Thomas

4 Robert Mellor

5 Mike Browne

6 Ron Woodsford

Division 2 Consi

1 JJ Martynse

2 Scott Olney

3 Harlan Bast

4 Tom Adams

5 Bill Thomas

6 Shawn Eldridge

Division 3 Main

1 David Fonts

2 Dean Blankenbiller

3 Kim Reeg

4 Kevin Fereira

5 Eric Ryan

6 Mike Achilles

Division 3 Consi

1 Brenton Bast

2 Brian Leventon

3 Bill Warnock

4 Brian Ballard

5 Rudy Becerra

6 Jason Botsford

Juniors Division 1

1 Greg Hooten

2 Mark Carrillo

3 Alex Marcucci

4 Danny Easley

5 JT Mabry

6 TJ Fowler

Juniors Division 2

1 Jeff Butler

2 Paul Johnson

3 Amanda English

4 Pete King

5 Jay Ricketts

Juniors Division 3

1 Larry Azevedo

2 RJ Becerra

3 Mitchell Johnson

4 Jesse Becerra

5 Ronny Woodsford

6 Tori Hubberts

7 Ricky Felicio


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