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Fast Fridays Speedway

Gold Country Fairgrounds - Auburn, CA

2001 Challenge #2
Fast Fridays Speedway
June 8, 2001
From Gary Roberts

Another pleasantly hot Auburn evening. A tractor pull last weekend made track conditions for some of the earlier heats a bit rough,
but by the end of the evening there was a good track, demonstrated by some very good races, due to several race lines in the main events.
Scratch Main
1 Mike Faria
2 Josh Larsen
3 Bart Bast
4 Billy Janniro

Mike Faria made the gate but for 3 laps the main race was between Josh Larsen on the inside and Billy Janniro on the outside for second place. Janniro even pulled up along side Mike at one stage, then on the last lap he went wide, ending up with last place. Mike had a busy evening, at one stage being forced to change an engine over.

Scratch Consi
1 Bobby Hedden
2 Chris Manchester
3 Tommy Hedden
4 Eric Carrillo

Handicap Main
1 Chris Kerr
2 Tommy Hedden
3 Chris Manchester
4 Bobby Hedden
5 Mike Faria
6 Bryan Yarrow

Chris Kerr and Bryan Yarrow started from the 10 yard line and Chris got the better start.
From there, he did not look back and won his second Handicap Main of the season.

Handicap Consi
1 Eric Carrillo
2 Bart Bast
3 Josh Larsen
4 Chad Felicio
5 Billy Hiles
6 Ian Essary

Division 2 Main
1 Mark Thomas
2 Shawn Eldridge
3 Mike Browne
4 Scott Olney
5 Rachalle Kerr
6 Robert Mellor

Division 2 Consi
1 Ron Woodsford
2 Matt Browne
3 Harlan Bast Snr.
4 Tom Adams
5 Kevin Fereira
6 Bill Thomas

Division 3 Main
1 Dave Baker
2 Kim Reeg
3 Dean Blankenbiller
4 Bill Warnock
5 Eric Ryan
6 David Fonts
7 Brenton Bast

Division 3 Consi
1 Mike Achilles
2 Bruce Baker
3 Brian Ballard

Juniors Division 1
Mark Carrillo
JT Mabry
Danny Easley
Alex Marcucci
TJ Fowler
Greg Hooten

Juniors Division 2
Jay Ricketts
Jeff Butler
Pete King
Amanda English
Bruce Bast
Tom Furhman

Juniors Division 3
Adam Butler
Ronnie Woodsford
Tori Hubbert
Mitchell Johnson
The crowd looked the smallest this season, but this was on a week following the North American World Championship Qualifier.
Its opening night for Sideways Saturdays at Cal Expo, in Sacramento, tonight.

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