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Fast Fridays Speedway

Gold Country Fairgrounds - Auburn, CA

2001 Challenge #3
Fast Fridays Speedway
June 22, 2001
From Gary Roberts

After a week of over 100 degree weather in the area, we settled for a cooler evening, in the mid 80s. But the high temperatures did not spoil a good racetrack.

Scratch Main

1 Chris Manchester

2 Bart Bast

3 Bobby Hedden

4 Mike Faria

A very good fast race. Chris Manchester and Bart Bast got the gate, with Chris first out of turn two. For the remainder of the race Bobby Hedden pressured Bart, but was unable to get past him. They crossed the line together and only after lengthy discussions was it ascertained that Bart took second place by about an inch.

Scratch Consi

1 Tommy Hedden

2 Bryan Yarrow

3 Paul Orlandi

4 Rich Marcucci

Handicap Main

1 Tommy Hedden (30 yard handicap)

2 Chris Manchester (40)

3 Bart Bast (50)

4 Mike Faria (50)

5 Ivan Sevart (0)

6 Paul Orlandi (20)

First time out Paul Orlandi fell down on the first corner, causing Mike Faria to lay it down, and the race was restarted with Orlandi at the back. Zero yard man, Ivan Sevart lead for 3 laps until the pressure behind him became intense, he wobbled and the freight train went past.

The best race of the night was actually one of the semi-finals. Mike Faria established a safe lead, but a battle for the other two qualifying places behind him took place between Chris Manchester, Tommy Hedden and Eric Carrillo. A blanket could have covered the three as they finished, with Carrillo missing the qualifying place by inches.

Handicap Consi

1 Eric Carrillo (20)

2 Bryan Yarrow (10)

3 Bobby Hedden (50)

4 Rick Shafer (0)

5 Billy Hiles (0)

6 Scott Olney (0)

Hiles and Shafer swapped places for a couple of laps until Eric Carrillo came through, followed by Bryan Yarrow. Bobby Hedden followed but was unable to catch the first two.

Division 2 Main

1 JJ Martynse

2 Ron Woodsford

3 Matt Browne

4 Craig Boone

5 Shawn Eldridge

6 Vince Bertolucci

Recent graduate to a 500, JJ Martynse took this race after a good tussle with Ron Woodsford. Early leader Vince Bertolucci's chances went away when his kill switch cord got tangled with his fuel tank cap and pulled out.

Division 2 Consi

1 Kevin Fereira

2 Robert Mellor

3 Harlan Bast Snr.

4 Bill Dixon

5 Tom Adams

6 Mark Thomas

Division 3 Main

1 Eric Ryan

2 David Baker

3 Kim Reeg

4 Dean Blankenbiller

After 18 months of trying Eric Ryan finally won his first main event.

Division 3 Consi

1 Bruce Baker

2 Bill Warnock

3 Brian Leventon

4 Ben Blankenbiller

Juniors Division 1

  1. Danny Easley
  2. TJ Fowler
  3. Greg Hooten
  4. Mark Carrillo
  5. JT Mabry
  6. Alex Marcucci

Over-enthusiasm at the start caused Mark Carrillo to get put back twice. On the third attempt Danny Easley made a great start and nobody managed to catch him, although TJ Fowler was closing the gap each lap.

Juniors Division 2

  1. Pete King
  2. Jeff Butler
  3. Paul Johnson
  4. Jay Ricketts
  5. Tom Fuhrman

Juniors Division 3

  1. Mitchell Johnson
  2. Ronny Woodsford
  3. Tori Hubberts
  4. Adam Butler

Next week at Fast Fridays, features sidecar racing in addition to the regular program.

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