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Fast Fridays Speedway

Gold Country Fairgrounds - Auburn, CA

2001 Challenge #4
Fast Fridays Speedway
July 13, 2001
From Gary Roberts

A chunky looking track for the first few races turned into a great racing surface for the rest of the evening.  Medium sized crowd.   Very pleasant warm summer evening.

Scratch Main
1 Mike Faria  2 Bart Bast  3 Chris Manchester  4 Chad Felicio
For the first time in weeks, a newcomer to the main event.  Chad Felicio replaced Bobby Hedden.  This week Mike Faria got the gate with Bart Bast in pursuit.  The best battle was for third place, with Chad holding it for a couple of laps before Chris took over.

Scratch Consi
1 Tommy Hedden 2 Bobby Hedden  3 Eric Carrillo  4 Chris Kerr
An all Hedden affair, with Tommy on the inside and Bobby on the outside. Not much of a hope for Eric Carrillo to get past. Chris Kerr did a spectacular departure from the race, when he and his machine got separated by almost the entire length of the back straight.

Handicap Main
1 Eric Carrillo (30)  2 Bart Bast (50)  3 Bobby Hedden  4 Chris Manchester (50) 5 Chad Felicio (30) 6 Mike Faria (50)
Following Eric Carrillo's success last week, he got moved back from the 20 yard line to the 30 yard line. Clearly not enough! Young Eric rode a steady race and was able to hold off the extremely persistent Bart Bast. Mike Faria was brought down hard in an earlier heat and was clearly suffering from a sore shoulder. He slowed and retired. Interestingly, a different finishing order, but the same competitors as last week.

Handicap Consi
1 JJ Martynse (0)  2 Ian Essary (10)  3 Bryan Yarrow (10)  4 Rick Marcucci (20)  5 Chris Kerr (20)  6 Tommy Hedden (40)

Division 2 Main
1 Ron Woodsford 2 Robert Mellor 3 Tom Adams  4 Shawn Eldridge 5 Devin DeFreece 6 Scott Olney
The season's most frequent runner up, Ron Woodsford finally won the second division main.

Division 2 Consi
1 Jon Curry  2 Craig Boone   3 Kevin Fereira  4 Mark Thomas  5 Matt Browne  6 Rachalle Kerr

Division 3 Main
1 Rick Gutzke  2 Dave Baker  3 Dave Joiner  4 Kim Reeg
Yes, third man was THE Dave Joiner, Fast Fridays promoter, who has been quietly practicing and wanted to come out and benchmark his skills. Brave man.

Division 3 Consi
1 Dean Blankenbiller  2 Tony Spezza  3 Greg Chacon

Juniors Division 1
1 Danny Easley  2 Jeff Butler  3 TJ Fowler  4 Greg Hooten  5 Mark Carrillo  6 Alex Marcucci  7  JT Mabry
A new face in the Junior Division 1 rank, Jeff Butler was moved up from Division 2 and showed he is absolutely ready. Danny Easley had a great night, winning his heat too.

Juniors Division 2
1 Tom Fuhrman   2 Bruce Bast  3 Paul Johnson  4 Amanda English   5 Jay Ricketts
The exit of Jeff Butler opened up Division 2, allowing Tom Fuhrman a well deserved win.

Juniors Division 3
1 Ricky Felicio  2 Mitchell Johnson

I will be unable to attend  on next week's event.  Any volunteers?

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