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Fast Fridays Speedway

Gold Country Fairgrounds - Auburn, CA

2001 Season Opener
Fast Fridays Speedway
July 20, 2001
From Alita Hartt and Eric Ryan

Scratch Main
1 Bart Bast  2 Eric Carrillo  3 Chad Felicio  4 Tommy Hedden ext

Scratch Consi
1 Bob Hicks  2 Paul Orlandi  3 Chris Kerr dnf  4 Rich Marcucci dnr

Handicap Main
1 Bryan Yarrow  2 Paul Orlandi  3 Bobby Hicks  4 Bart Bast  5 Rich Marcucci 6 Tommy Hedden

Handicap Consi
1 Chad Felicio  2 Eric Carrillo  3 Billy Miles  4 JJ Martynse  5 Rick Shafer

Division 2 Main
1 Matt Browne  2 Robert Mellor  3 Shawn Eldridge  4 Tom Adams  5 David Booth  6 Mike Browne

Division 2 Consi
Jon Curry  2 George Snodgrass  3 Rachalle Kerr  4 Kevin Fereira  5 Harlan Bast Sr.  6 Jeff Blades

Division 3 Main
1 Kim Reeg  2 Dave Baker  3 Mike Achilles  4 Dean Blankenbiller  5 Lee Sharp

Division 3 Consi
1 Kelly McBane  2 Rick Gutzke  3 Jason Botsford  4 Tony Spezza  5 LC Veale  6 Geno Bellino

Juniors Division 1
1 TJ Fowler  2 Danny Easley  3 Mark Carrillo  4 Greg Hooten  5 JT Mabry  6 Jeff Butler

Juniors Div 2
1. Paul Johnson  2 Tom Fuhrman  3 Bruce Bast  4 Amanda English   5 Jay Ricketts

Juniors Division 3
1 Ricky Felicio  2 Mitchell Johnson  3 Hunter Morris  4 Ronny Woodsford  5 Jesse Becerra  6 David Robinson  7 Tori Hubbert

Gary, I tuffed it out and stayed up to get this out just for you!!  I'm certain you are waiting impatiently for the results.  Eric Ryan was back at Auburn last night maybe if we ask real nice he will add some commentary to last nights event.   Alita Hartt.

Hey gang,
Didn't know that I was supposed to remember the races last night, but I will try to give my highlights.  It was HOG night and the sidecars were supposed to give a special appearance at half time, but their transport truck blew its water pump and was stuck half way to Sacramento.  So the half time show consisted of a five man wheelie contest for $200 voted by the crowd. I think Paul Orlandi won.  Then the tractor dragged the track, and then the Harley's road around in procession.  I road my flatbed sidecar sportster behind them with my trusty Westlake on the hack and a D2 rider on the Wessy, and TJ Fowler on the pillion. It was a big hit. Then the main events saw a better track than the heat races (which was prepared for the sidecars in mind). One spectacular crash in the Handicap main event saw four abreast on second or third lap over the start finish line. Tommy Hedden tangled bars with another and two went down very hard and fast.  A third layed it down to avoid collision!  Tommy got up but got his bell rung and was out of it for a while.
I think that Owego is tonight and I too am awaiting the results.
Sincerely, Eric Ryan D3 #285

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