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Fast Fridays Speedway

Gold Country Fairgrounds - Auburn, CA

2001 Fan Of The Week
Fast Fridays Speedway
August 3, 2001
From Gary Roberts

Another pleasant summer evening at Auburn.  As has become the norm here now, the track was heavy early on, but turned into a great racing surface by the end of the evening.

Scratch Main
1 Bobby Hedden
2 Bartlomiej Bartecki
3 Chris Manchester
4 Eric Carrillo

Bobby Hedden, riding a brand new out of the box GM, rode invincibly, to take "The Double," the scratch main and the handicap main.  Polish visitor Bartlomiej Bartecki did incredibly well, by getting second.  This was the first time he had ridden on a less than quarter mile track.

Scratch Consi
1 Bart Bast
2 Dukie Ermolenko
3 Tommy Hedden
4 Mike Faria

Handicap Main
1 Bobby Hedden (50)
2 Jim Estes (30)
3 Eric Carrillo (30)
4 Josh Larsen
5 Chad Felicio (30)
6 Tommy Hedden (40)

Bobby Hedden won the admiration of everyone, by riding an outside line.  He followed the same line and got past the entire field.  Another holiday-maker, enjoying a relaxing vacation in nearby Reno, NV, Jim Estes stopped by to take second place.

Handicap Consi
1 Bart Bast (50)
2 Chris Manchester (50)
3 Tom Adams (0)
4 Bartlomiej Bartecki (30)

Mike Faria (50) and Paul Orlandi both qualified, but were non-starters.  Mike had a broken frame and Paul was not feeling well.

Division 2 Main
1 Robert Mellor
2 Matt Browne
3 Mike Browne
4 Dave Baker
5 Kevin Fereira
6 Mark Thomas

Division 2 Consi
1 Shawn Eldridge
2 Devin DeFreece
3 Ron Woodsford
4 Rachalle Kerr
5 Bill Dixon
6 Jon Curry

Division 3 Main
1 Randy Martin
2 David Fonts
3 Geno Bellino
4 Mike Hooten
5 Eric Ryan
6 Jason Botsford

Division 3 Consi
1 Kim Reeg
2 Bruce Baker
3 Dean Blankenbiller
4 Dean Nakatsu
5 Tony Spezza

Juniors Division 1
1 JT Mabry
2 TJ Fowler
3 Mark Carrillo
4 Greg Hooten
5 Danny Easley
6 Alex Marcucci
A well deserved first win of the season for JT Mabry.

Juniors Division 2
1 Pete King
2 Amanda English
3 Paul Johnson
4 Bruce Bast
5 Tom Fuhrman

Juniors Division 3
1 Hunter Morris
2 Mitchell Johnson
3 Ricky Adams
4 Ricky Felicio
I will be missing next week again, so would request that a volunteer steps up to keep the history books complete.

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