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Arrowhead Motor Speedway
San Bernardino, California

2001 Arrowhead
Arrowhead Speedway
June 20, 2001
From Ryan Evans


An overflow crowd witnessed a pair of firsts as 17 year old "Flyin" Ryan Fisher won his first Scratch Main in Southern California, and "Cowboy" Bobby Krips won his first-ever Handicap Main at San Bernardino Wednesday Night.

Fisher drew the pole for the main, with Randy DiFrancesco in two, Dukie Ermolenko in gate three, and Bobby Schwartz on the outside. Fisher and Schwartz gated evenly and were side-by-side in turn one. They were still even as they came out of turn two, but the low line was working better and Fisher used it to take control of the lead. Schwartz stayed close on the second lap, but the young star established a little breathing room and led to the finish. Schwartz maintained his second place position, while DiFrancesco was third, and Ermolenko was fourth. The victory wasn't Fisher's first Scratch Main victory overall, however, as he has won Scratch Mains in Northern California in each of the past two years.

Krips started at the tapes in his Handicap Heat and was so dominant that referee Steve Lucero moved him back to the 10 yard line. The extra handicap didn't slow him down in his semi either, as he won that easily as well. Lucero chose not to move Krips back again for the main.

The Handicap Main was changed to a 6-man, 6-lap race for the evening. Krips led the field into turn one, but quickly pulled away and established a big lead on lap one. Behind him, Danny Perkins and Shaun Harmatiuk were battling for second. Their battle continued until Ermolenko passed both riders on the outside at the start of lap five. Krips' lead was to large for Ermolenko to challenge for the lead and Krips, who is a former bull rider, was first to the checkered flag. Ermolenko was second, Perkins was third, Harmatiuk was fourth, DiFrancesco was fifth, and Schwartz was sixth.

In the Second Division Main, Robert Fiesler started alone on the zero yard line and had a comfortable lead for the first two laps. Johnny Lupo fought his way into second and set his sights on Fiesler. At the beginning of lap four Lupo went under Fiesler entering turn one to take the lead. Rudy Laurer followed Lupo and went after the new leader. At the white flag Laurer was on Lupo's back tire and made a challenge for the lead as they exited turn two. Lupo withstood the challenge and held off Laurer for the victory. Marvin Sonnier was third, Fiesler was fourth, Chris Metoyer was fifth, and Brent Smith was sixth.

Mike Lewis and Kim Stevens started next to each other on the 10 yard line, but it was Lewis who took the early lead of the Second Division B Main. At the start of lap two, Tomasz Hampel, a native of Poland, took the lead from Lewis. Hampel pulled away and rode very smoothly for an easy victory. Lewis was second, Billy Braden finished third, Scott Tidwell was fourth, Stevens was fifth, and last week's winner, Rohn Zellner, was sixth.

The real story may have been the crowd. After seeing the large crowd last week, promoter Charlie Venegas had to be very pleased with the crowd Wednesday Night as it was even larger. There was an overflow crowd for the second for the second consecutive week, proof that the word is spreading about Arrowhead Motor Speedway. The crowd turnout is showing that speedway in San Bernardino has been missed the last several years.


Second Division B Main Event
174 - Tomasz Hampel           20
205 - Mike Lewis             10
117 - Billy Braden            20
118 - Scott Tidwell           20
197 - Kim Stevens             10
163 - Rohn Zellner           20

Second Division Consolation
162 - >Mike Lupo               30
293 - Rick Valdez              0
131 - David Lynch             30
165 - Randy Kreps             10
239 - Philip Williams         10

Second Division Main Event
125 - Johnny Lupo             20
182 - Rudy Laurer             30
52 - Marvin Sonnier           30
106 - Robert Fiesler           0
148 - Chris Metoyer           10
103 - Brent Smith             10

Handicap Main Event
223 - Bobby Krips             10
15 - Dukie Ermolenko          50
189 - Danny Perkins           20
139 - Shaun Harmatiuk         20
12 - Randy DiFrancesco        40
11 - Bobby Schwartz           50

Scratch Consolation
82 - Marco Morello
189 - Danny Perkins
19 - Richard Jones
316 - John DeFries

Scratch Main Event
36 - Ryan Fisher
11 - Bobby Schwartz
12 - Randy DiFrancesco
15 - Dukie Ermolenko
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