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Arrowhead Motor Speedway
San Bernardino, California

2001 Arrowhead
Arrowhead Speedway
July 18, 2001
From Ryan Evans

"Fast" Eddie Castro captured both main events in fine style at Arrowhead Motor Speedway in San Bernardino on Wednesday Night.

The Handicap Main had John DeFries on the 20 yard line, Danny Perkins, Bobby Krips, Brad Sauer, and Robbie Sauer made up a crowded quartet on the 30, and Castro was alone on the 60. The first attempt ended quickly as Perkins went down in turn three on the first lap leaving Brad Sauer with nowhere to go. Sauer slammed into the prone Perkins which forced Sauer over his handlebars. Both riders were down for several minutes before getting up with sore bodies. Perkins was excluded for being the cause of the incident while the Sauer camp scrambled to repair his bike. The bike was fixed and Sauer would take part in the restart.

Krips got a lightning start the second time and went under DeFries in turn one while Robbie Sauer went around DeFries on the outside. Krips and Sauer separated themselves from the field throughout the first three laps, but Castro was charging from the back. Castro supplanted Sauer for second on the fourth lap and quickly closed on Krips. Castro, who generally rides outside, chose to go under Krips as they entered turn three on lap five. Castro made the pass and pulled away from Krips for the win. Krips was second, Robbie Sauer was third, Brad Sauer was fourth, DeFries was fifth, and Perkins was credited with sixth.

Castro's chances for a double main event increased when he drew the pole for the Scratch Main. Next to him in gate two was Brad Sauer, who was competing in his first-ever Scratch Main. Jim Estes was in gate three while Charlie Cooley was on the outside. Sauer was first to turn one but left some room on the inside and Castro blasted by to take the lead. Estes went past Sauer for second place but couldn't get close to the diminutive Castro who cruised to the win. Sauer hung on for third place and Cooley finished fourth.

The field for the Second Division Main Event was dominated by Northern California riders. Despite not faring well in their First Division rides, Jonathan Curry, Matt Browne, and Billy Hiles were determined to not make the long drive back home empty-handed. All three riders made the Second Division Main and were lined up three-abreast on the 30 yard line. In front of them were >Shane Kump at the tapes, with Robert Fiesler and last week's winner, Chad Newlee, both on the 10.

Kump grabbed the lead at the start and was riding very smoothly at the front of the field. Behind him the youngsters from the North were making their way toward the front. Hiles was able to get to Kump first as he was on Kump's back tire on lap three. Kump held Hiles off until they reached the back straight on lap four when Hiles took the lead. As the field finished the fourth lap Robert Fiesler hit the fence on the front straight and went down. The race was stopped, declared over, and reverted to the conclusion of the previous lap to determine results. Hiles was declared the winner, Browne was second, Kump was third, Curry was fourth, Newlee finished fifth, and Fiesler was credited with sixth.

Rod Lenz made his first trip to San Bernardino a successful one as he was victorious on the Second Division B Main. Southern California's only professional female rider, Kim Stevens, made him work for it, though. Stevens took the lead and held Lenz at bay until the third lap when Lenz took the lead and pulled away for the win. Stevens held on for second, Jeremiah LeBlanc was third, Mike Boyle finished fourth, Scott Tidwell was fifth, and Steve Dziadus was sixth.


Second Division B Consolation
117 - Billy Braden             20
163 - Rohn Zellner            20
227 - Mark Robertson           10
310 - K.G. Fairbarn           10
277 - Mike Gannon              20
350 - Kodiak Calkin            10   (non starter)
327 - Colby Calkin             10   (non starter)

Second Division B Main Event
196 - Rod Lenz                 20
197 - Kim Stevens              10
137 - Jeremiah LeBlanc         10
198 - Mike Boyle               20
118 - Scott Tidwell            20
512 - Steve Dziadus            10

Second Division Consolation
236n - Robert Mellor            0
 27n - Chris Kerr              40 *
178 - Eloy Medellin             0
338 - Dave Delbridge           20
182 - Rudy Laurer              20   (fell)
* Chris Kerr didn't compete in Second Division but volunteered to ride in the Consolation to get more track time due to there only being four riders in the race.

Second Division Consolation
114 - Paul Hitchcock           20
239 - Philip Williams          10
174 - Tomasz Hampel             0
131 - David Lynch              20
165 - Randy Kreps              10
103 - Brent Smith              10

Second Division Main Event
 44n - Billy Hiles             30
211n - Matt Browne             30
228 - >Shane Kump                0
 31n - Jonathan Curry          30
123 - Chad Newlee              10
106 - Robert Fiesler           10   (fell)

Handicap Main Event
 14 - Eddie Castro             60
223 - Bobby Krips              30
 17 - Robbie Sauer             30
 21 - Brad Sauer               30
316 - John DeFries             10
189 - Danny Perkins            30   (fell, excluded)

Scratch Consolation
316 - John DeFries
223 - Bobby Krips
189 - Danny Perkins
 19 - Richard Jones   (non starter)

Scratch Main Event
 14 - Eddie Castro
 56 - Jim Estes
 21 - Brad Sauer
 16 - Charlie Cooley 
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