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Fast Fridays Speedway
Gold Country Fairgrounds
Auburn, CA

Fan of the Week
Fast Fridays
June 14, 2002
From Gary Roberts

Hot weather has hit Northern California, but it didn't stop Fast Fridays putting on another great show, on a well prepared smooth racetrack.

Scratch Main
1. Scott Brant
2. Bobby Hedden
3. Bart Bast
4. Mike Faria
Faria's bike died at the tapes, and a third division rider kindly produced a replacement, with which Mike promptly touched the tapes. A 3 man main event always seems like a disappointment and this lived up to expectations. Brant got the gate, followed by Hedden, followed by Bast and that's how it ended.

Scratch Consi
1. Tommy Hedden
2. Bryan Yarrow
3. Alan Christian
4. Chad Felicio

Handicap Main
1. Bryan Yarrow
2. Chad Felicio
3. Mike Faria
4. Scott Brant
5. Bobby Hedden
6. Tommy Hedden
Yet another Bryan Yarrow Handicap Main event win. Until the last corner it looked like Chad Felicio was going to take it, but Bryan found a way through to take this one on the line, his third Handicap Main this season. Bryan is a splendid example of highly successful California Junior Speedway program.

Handicap Consi
1. Bart Bast
2. Alan Christian
3. Paul Orlandi 
4. Chris Kerr
5. JJ Martynse
6. Greg Hooten Jnr.

Division 2 Main
1. Randy Martin
2. Robert Mellor
3. Jon Curry
4. Harlan Bast Snr.
5. Derek Silva
6. David Baker
Randy Martin's move from Division 3 to Division 2 was celebrated with a runaway victory. The real race was behind him with Derek Silva, Robert Mellor and Jon Curry (putting on a great show with an outside line) riding 3 abreast for most of the race.

Division 2 Consi
1. David Fonts 
2. Joe Kelly
3. Chris Olney
4. George Snodgrass
5. Rachalle Kerr
6. Brian Leventon

Division 3 Main
1. Dennis Chandler
2. Richard Christian
3. Dwight McBain
4. Kevin Ferreira
5. Lee Sharp
6. Jason Botsford
7. Brian Ballard
8. Mike Achilles
Dennis "The Annihilator" Chandler has been very competitive this season and despite Richard Christian's excellent style, was first across the line.

Division 3 Consi
1. Deano Blankenbiller
2. Kim Stevens
3. Les Veale
4. Kimi Valentine
5. Derek Sheppard
6. Steven Springs
7. Matt Peterson
8. David Lee qualified, but was a non starter.

Youths Division 1
1. Danny Easley
2. TJ Fowler
3. Mark Carrillo
4. JT Mabry
5. Paul Johnson
Danny Easley rode well to take his first win of the season. His achievement will be rewarded with a further 10 yard handicap next week.

Youths Division 2
1. Bruce Bast
2. Ricky Felicio
3. RJ Becerra
4. Ricky Adams
5. Mitchell Johnson
6. Jay Ricketts

Youths Division 3
1. Ronnie Woodsford
2. Hunter Morris
3. Jesse Beccera
4. Tori Hubbert
5. Bryce Olney

After a couple of weeks in Europe (Isle of Man TT and British Speedway GP) it was good to get back home to some American Speedway. Absolutely no complaints about the standard of racing at the Cardiff GP, those Aussies did a great job, but in the US there are luxuries like getting out of the stadium and finding signposts to the motorway, and getting there in less than 5 minutes. I also valued the ability to leave with my hearing 100% intact! I have to admit that I really miss the British beer though.

Gary Roberts - gary_rob@ix.netcom.com

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