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Ken Maely's Ranch
Corona, California

Winter Series - Final Round
March 7, 2004 - Ken Maely's Ranch
By: Trish Wells

What a great day to end the Winter Series on, temps in the mid 90's-100's and not a cloud in the sky.

Another day of excellent racing was witnessed by the crowds, and a sometimes difficult track made for some interesting maneuvering! Racing was delayed a little to allow a rider to repair a cracked frame, but I don't think anyone minded basking in the sun for a little longer. There was plenty of passing, battling and real estate wars...and that was just the PW class.

Division One had Justin Boyle with a perfect score, and the crown of wheelie king! Boyle appeared to use a tacky spot in turn two to his best advantage in each race, and launched ahead each lap. Dario Galvin did a great job of laying his bike down in round two to avoid hitting the wall, and avoid any damage to either himself or the bike. Nate Perkins finished the day 2nd behind Boyle, with Tim Gomez and Dario Galvin tied for 3rd. Paul Colston and Dale Facchini tied for 5th.

Division 2 began with points leader Tony Bracy up against 2nd place Sam Soltz. Soltz decided that Sunday was his day, and ended the day with another perfect score. There has been a vast improvement in all our 2nd and 3rd Division riders since this Winter Series began, and I have to say, my award for most improved would go to Sam Soltz and Tony Bracy...they're flying. Bracy ended 2nd for the day with Mark Baldwin and Randy Porsley tied for 3rd.

Division 3 had newcomer Tommy Kistler showing the "older" guys how to do it. Kistler was heading for a perfect score, until he went down in round 4. He, however did take home Division 3 winner with Mark Robertson 2nd and Mike Boyle 3rd.

250 Juniors had new rider Blake Bowen riding against the Junior veterans Krystal Cramer and Ricky Wells. Wells was heading for another perfect score, and seemed to be heading that way in the last round. However, Cramer decided this race was hers, found some good dirt on the outside, and rode around Wells to take the win. Again, those two ride so well together, they're a pleasure to watch. Wells won the day, with Cramer 2nd and Bowen 3rd.

200/80cc Juniors was a mixture of riders that all rode great races. Wells won the day (80cc), Jason Ramirez came 2nd (200cc) and rising star Tamara Krips was 3rd (200cc).

PW50's saw the biggest battle for positions of the day. These kids are learning the ropes pretty quickly, and the tactical skills needed to win the races are improving each round. Stephanie Cancino scored an almost perfect score with 3 wins that she had to work hard for. If she couldn't pass on the outside, she would wait patiently for the inside line to open up, and she was through. Kaylee Smith rode excellently too, and didn't give up without a battle. Cancino took home PW50B class, with Smith 2nd, Jack Higginson 3rd and Alan Mohrmann 4th.

Our PW50A riders are going so, so fast that I'm glad my kid's not out there...I would be the paranoid mother telling him to slow down!! Kind of defeats the purpose of racing I guess. Braydan Galvin had another great day and another perfect score. Parker Colston and Galvin battled every race for that 1st position, and the racing was extremely tight. Galvin took PW50A, with Colston 2nd and Nick Schoonoveer 3rd.

XR100 was split into two divisions, adults and juniors. However, these Eveready bunny kids just wanted to race every race they could, and would go out for both rounds...8 laps each!! To have half their "go" would be great. Ricky Wells scored a perfect score in the junior XR100, with Larry Smith 2nd and Jason Ramirez 3rd.

Adult XR100 honors went to Larry Spektor, with Joel Kath 2nd and Paul Colston and David Kolsky tied for 3rd.

Flat track racing was a merry mixture, but it looked like fun. Jim Ottele won the points for the day and Joel Kath 2nd.

I would like to thank all the riders and supporters who participated in the Maely's Winter Series, and to our resident referee Dave Delbridge, Starter Joe Jones and gate lady Brandi McElroy. We all had a great time, and the improvement in all the riders was a wonderful thing to witness.

Our next race meeting will be Saturday March 20th, 11am riders meeting.

Following are the points winners for the entire 9 round Winter Series.

Division 1
Tim Gomez 113 
Bobby Krips 75 
Rudy Lauer 74
Division 2
Tony Bracy 90
Sam Soltz 78
Steve Dziadus 69
Division 3
Tommy Kistler 49
Brian Starr 27
Mark Robertson 22
Junior 250cc
Ricky Wells 124
Krystal Cramer 100
Jason Ramirez 28
Junior 80cc/200cc
Ricky Wells 67
Austin Novratil 34
Joey Holt 27
Braydan Galvin 115
Nick Schoonover 99
Parker Colston 51
Jack Higginson 43
Stephanie Cancino 35
Margi Hamill 27
Ricky Wells 65
Larry Spektor 47
Tyler Odom 26
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