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Orange Show Speedway
San Bernardino, California

Speedway Fair Derby
May 23, 2003 - Orange Show
By: Ryan Evans


It was the dawn of a new era of speedway at the National Orange Show in San Bernardino and Scott Brant and Andy Northrup took home the top honors on International Speedway's first night promoting at the Orange Show Speedway.

Brant was lined up in the pole position and used it to launch into the lead at the start of the Scratch Main Event. Brant moved quickly through the first corner and held a big lead on the back straight. His Kelly Dunagan Racing teammate, Eddie Castro, suffered from a bad start from gate four but used the inside line to get into third on the back straight and then take second from Shawn McConnell at the end of lap one. By that time Brant had already established a comfortable lead, but the diminutive rider didn't give up easily. Castro inched closer throughout the race but never seriously challenged Brant who took the victory. McConnell finished third, Dukie Ermolenko was fourth, and Gary Hicks finished fifth.

The eight-man Handicap Main Event was a battle of attrition as much as it was a battle of fellow competitors. Hicks was a nonstarter as he suffered an arm injury during the Scratch Main. The starting field of seven became a finishing field of four, but only three on the lead lap.

There were three riders on the 30 yard line, which was the lowest handicap for the main, and their fierce battle into turn one brought "Cowboy" Bobby Krips to the front. Krips pulled to a several-length advantage after one lap, but shed both chains on the back straight of lap two. Andy "The Enforcer" Northrup then inherited the lead and faced constant pressure from behind. However, his competitors seemed to drop off one by one. First, Shaun Harmatiuk slid off and remounted only to eventually pull over for the field and fall a lap behind. Then, Randy DiFrancesco broke his clutch sprocket, but amazingly didn't lose either chain in the process. Next, Ermolenko suffered an engine failure to reduce the field even more. All of this overshadowed the fact the Northrup, a Los Angeles County Police Officer, rode eight solid laps to capture the win. Brant finished second, McConnell was third, and Harmatiuk finished fourth.

In the Support Main Event Phil Bast got an excellent start from gate one to take the lead on the first lap. Doug Benjamin and Rudy Laurer battled for second with Benjamin eventually grabbing the position. Benjamin went after Bast and closed in on the leader throughout the race. Bast wasn't fazed, however, and went on to the victory. Benjamin finished second, Laurer was third, Randy Kreps finished fourth, and Tomasz Hampel was fifth.

Tony Bracy took the early lead in the Support B Main Event. Keith Mullally fell in turn two and it looked as though the race would be stopped. The race continued, though, and Carl Gazafy went in to the lead. Gazafy held the lead until Neil Facchini went by on the back straight on the last lap. Facchini held on through the last corner to take the win. Bracy was able to pass Gazafy to take second, DeWayne Stark was fourth, Steve Dziadus finished fifth, and Mullally was credited with sixth.

In Youth action, Skyler Greyson had dominated all of the heats so he was the odds-on favorite to win the main. Dario Galvin had other ideas, though, and jumped to a large early lead. Jason Ramirez went down in turn three and referee Bryan Galvin, who is Dario's father, stopped the race. Greyson took advantage of his second chance and grabbed the lead on the restart. He opened up a comfortable lead and cruised to the victory, Galvin finished second, Ramirez was third, Tamara Krips finished fourth, Dylan Stark was fifth, and Tyler Odom finished sixth. After the race, Galvin playfully blamed the referee for costing him the victory.

Friday's meeting was the first of 13 events being promoted by International Speedway inside the Orange Show Speedway stock car stadium. The Spring Classic was held as part of the annual Orange Show Fair. The event was important enought to bring the Godfather of U.S. speedway, Harry Oxley, up from his home in Mexico to witness the racing.

There were a few holes and rough spots on the track, but for a debut event, the riders expressed overall satisfaction with the track. The racing was excellent and featured a lot of passing. Brad Oxley stressed that he will be hard at work on the track to have it ready by Opening Night which is Friday, June 6 and will have the Freestyle Motocross Jumpers and will certainly bring in a large crowd.


Support B Main Event
201 - Neil Facchini		20
194 - Tony Bracy      10
176 - Carl Gazafy      20
244 - DeWayne Stark   10
212 - Steve Dziadus    10
185 - Keith Mullally     20   (fell)

Support Last Chance
174 - Tomasz Hampel
198 - Mike Boyle
117 - Billy Braden    (fell, remounted)
125 - Doug Lupo     (fell)

Support Main Event
183 - Phil Bast
128 - Doug Benjamin
182 - Rudy Laurer
165 - Randy Kreps
174 - Tomasz Hampel

Youth Main Event  (restarted)
  2 - Skyler Greyson
145 - Dario Galvin
 66 - Jason Ramirez   (penalty line)
223 - Tamara Krips
 19 - DeWayne Stark
146 - Tyler Odom

Handicap Main Event
166 - Andy Northrup      30
 10 - Scott Brant         50
  6 - Shawn McConnell    40
139 - Shaun Harmatiuk     30   (fell, remounted)
 15 - Dukie Ermolenko     40   (engine failure)
 12 - Randy DiFrancesco   40   (retired)
 24 - Bobby Krips          30   (retired)
  3 - Gary Hicks          50   (non starter)

Last Chance
  6 - Shawn McConnell
 24 - Bobby Krips
166 - Andy Northrup
 12 - Randy DiFrancesco       (retired)

Scratch Main Event
 10 - Scott Brant
 14 - Eddie Castro
  6 - Shawn McConnell
 15 - Dukie Ermolenko
  3 - Gary Hicks
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