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Industry Hills Speedway
The Grand Industry Hills Expo Center
City of Industry, California

2004 Industry
September 15, 2004 - Industry Hills Speedway
By: Ryan Evans

National Champion Chris Manchester

Former National Champion Chris Manchester won his second Industry Hills Scratch Main Event of the season on Wednesday.

Bobby "Boogaloo" Schwartz was first to turn one, but he slowed, along with Shawn McConnell and Charlie Venegas, after seeing that the inside pole was inadvertently pushed into the racing line. Manchester, along with everyone else in the arena, didn't see what happened and he kept the throttle on and blazed into the lead. By the time the others realized that the referee was allowing the race to continue, Manchester was gone. The former National Champion cruised to his second Industry Hills main event win. Venegas was second, McConnell finished third, and Schwartz was fourth.

The first of three rounds of heats began with Northern California's Bryan Yarrow beating McConnell. Denny Scopellite earned an impressive win over Dukie Ermolenko in the next race. Round one ended with Manchester trapping from the outside gate and holding off Venegas for the victory.

Venegas won his first race of the night with Scopellite finishing in second. McConnell scored his initial victory ahead of Schwartz. Manchester closed out the second round with his second straight win.

Venegas took his second straight victory to open the final round. Schwartz scored a win over Nate Perkins in the next race. The heats concluded with McConnell defeating Manchester for his second win of the evening.

Manchester and Venegas finished one-two in the first semi and transferred to the main event. In the other semi, it was McConnell winning with Schwartz taking second to earn the other two spots in the main. Shaun Harmatiuk made a brilliant start from the outside and held off Ermolenko to win the Scratch Consolation

Hideaki Ota jumped into the lead at the start of the Second Division Main, but his time at the front was short-lived as 16 year old Skyler Greyson went by at the end of lap one. Greyson was never challenged after that and went on to his second win of the year. Brian Starr also passed Ota to get second, Ota finished third, and Rudy Laurer was fourth.

Brent Smith jumped into the lead at the start of the Third Division Main and never looked back as he claimed the victory. Steve Dziadus was second, Kim Stevens finished third, and Nathan Smelser was fourth.

Dylan Black went to the front at the beginning of the Youth Main Event, but Eddie Conner took over the lead at the end of the first lap. Gino Manzares passed Conner on the back straight to take his turn in front. Manzares was first to the checkered flag, Conner was second, Black finished third, and Austin Novratil was fourth.

Next week's program will include 1996 World Champion Billy "The Bullet" Hamill. Hamill, who competes in Europe, is in California for the final round of the AMA National Championship in Auburn on Friday.


Pee Wee Main Event      (restarted)
  7 - Rocco Scopellite
  8 - Braydan Galvin	(penalty line)
  6 - Dakota Workman
429 - Blaise Murray

Youth Main Event
 21 - Gino Manzares
135 - Eddie Conner
  7 - Dylan Black
  8 - Austin Novratil

Third Division Main Event
103 - Brent Smith
212 - Steve Dziadus
197 - Kim Stevens
188 - Nathan Smelser

Second Division Main Event
120 - Skyler Greyson
248 - Brian Starr
240 - Hideaki Ota
182 - Rudy Laurer     (fell)

First Division Scoring		1     2    3           T
  6 - Shawn McConnell           2     3    3           8
  8n - Bryan Yarrow             3     1    1           5
 11 - Bobby Schwartz            1     2    3           6
 14 - Eddie Castro              1     0    R           1
 15 - Dukie Ermolenko           2     1    1           4
 37 - Denny Scopellite          3     2    0           5
 43 - Charlie Venegas           2     3    3           8
110 - Jon Stasiefski            0     0    1           1
130 - Chris Manchester          3     3    2           8
139 - Shaun Harmatiuk           1     2    2           5
214 - Steve Murray              0     0    0           0
389 - Nate Perkins              F     1    2           3

Race Results
10: Yarrow, McConnell, Harmatiuk, Stasiefski
11: Scopellite, Ermolenko, Schwartz, Murray
12: Manchester, Venegas, Castro, Perkins (fell)
16: Venegas, Scopellite, Yarrow, Castro
17: McConnell, Schwartz, Perkins, Stasiefski
18: Manchester, Harmatiuk, Ermolenko, Murray
23: Venegas, Harmatiuk, Yarrow, Murray
24: Schwartz, Perkins, Stasiefski, Castro (retired)
25: McConnell, Manchester, Ermolenko, Scopellite
Semi #1: Manchester, Venegas, Yarrow, Harmatiuk
Semi #2: McConnell, Schwartz, Ermolenko, Scopellite

Scratch Consolation
139 - Shaun Harmatiuk
 15 - Dukie Ermolenko
 37 - Denny Scopellite
  8n - Bryan Yarrow

Scratch Main Event
130 - Chris Manchester
 43 - Charlie Venegas
  6 - Shawn McConnell
 11 - Bobby Schwartz
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