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Wild West Speedway
Winchester, California

Ladies Night
July 10, 2004 - Wild West Speedway
By: Ryan Evans

National Champion Chris Manchester

Two-time National Champion Chris Manchester capped a perfect night by winning the Scratch Main at Wild West Speedway in Winchester on Saturday.

"Fast" Eddie Castro and Manchester both entered the main with perfect scores and were lined up in gates one and two, respectively. Manchester was first into turn one, but had to contend with SRA National Champion Scott Brant's outside attack. Castro joined the fray entering turn three, but hit a rough spot in the track and went down and almost took Brant down with him. Castro did slow Brant considerably and ended any chance he had at Manchester who pulled away for the win. Brant held on to second, Shaun Harmatiuk was third, Bobby Krips finished fourth, and Castro was credited with fifth.

The first of three rounds of scratch heats began with Brant winning in his Wild West debut. Manchester, also racing at Winchester for the first time, beat Krips in race two. Castro closed out round one by defeating Denny Scopellite.

Round two started with Manchester and Brant engaging in a four-lap battle that saw Manchester emerge victorious. Castro won his second race of the night by holding off Justin Boyle. Krips defeated Nate Perkins to finish the second round.

The third round opened with Manchester's third win of the evening. Brant defeated Harmatiuk for his second win in race 26. Castro kept pace with Manchester by winning the final heat. Harmatiuk held off Buck Blair to win the Last Chance and book the final spot in the Scratch Main.

The Second Division Main began with 15 year old Tim Gomez jumping to the front entering turn one. Gomez quickly stretched his lead and was well on his way to his fourth straight win when a prone rider forced him to lay down his bike on the third lap. Gomez was declared the winner since two laps had been completed. Dale Facchini was second, Rusty Hall finished third, Brian Starr was fourth, and Eloy Medellin finished fifth.

Mark Sincavage took the early lead in the Third Division Main Event. Veteran rider Mike Boyle stalked Sincavage for two laps before his pressure paid off and he took the lead. Boyle cruised from there and was first to the checkered flag. Sincavage held on to second, Steve Dziadus was third, DeWayne Stark finished fourth, Kerry Conner was fifth, and Mike Nutting finished sixth.

Tamara Krips scored a popular win by leading all four laps of the Youth Main Event. Blake Bowen was second, Joey Holt finished third, Nathan Galvin was fourth, and Dane Adams finished fifth.

Wild West will be hosting speedway events the next three Saturday nights (July 17, 24, 31) and then a Sunday race on August 8.


  7 - Rocco Scopellite     
  1 - Sean McDonald       
  8 - Brayden Galvin        
  2 - Erica Winter
 72 - Zac De La Rosa
999 - Samuel Ramirez
401 - Jennifer Facchini

Youth Main Event (restarted)
 24 - Tamara Krips
 69 - Blake Bowen
114 - Joey Holt
134 - Nathan Galvin  	(penalty line)
5150 - Dane Adams  	(retired)

Third Division Main Event
198 - Mike Boyle		10
213 - Mark Sincavage             0
212 - Steve Dziadus             10
244 - DeWayne Stark             10
135 - Kerry Conner              10
218 - Mike Nutting               0

Second Division Consolation (restarted)
115 - Mark Baldwin
176 - Carl Gazafy
194 - Tony Bracy      (penalty line)
214 - Steve Murray
138 - Rich Brock      (fell)

Second Division Main Event (awarded)
136 - Tim Gomez
301 - Dale Facchini
164 - Rusty Hall
248 - Brian Starr     (fell, remounted)
178 - Eloy Medellin   (fell)

First Division Scoring		1     2    3          T
  1 - Scott Brant             	3     2    3          8
 14 - Eddie Castro          	3     3    3          9
 18 - Justin Boyle           	0     2    2          4
 24 - Bobby Krips           	2     3    1          6
 37 - Denny Scopellite     	2     0    1          3
 39 - Buck Blair              	2     0    2          4
130 - Chris Manchester   	3     3    3          9
139 - Shaun Harmatiuk   	1     1    2          4
145 - Dario Galvin           	1     0    0          1
201 - Neil Facchini          	0     1    R          1
249 - John Stunkard        	1     1    F          2
389 - Nate Perkins          	F     2    1          3

Race Results
 1: Brant, Blair, Boyle, Galvin (tape penalty)
 2: Manchester, Krips, Harmatiuk, Facchini
 3: Castro, Scopellite, Stunkard, Perkins (fell)
13: Manchester, Brant, Harmatiuk, Scopellite
14: Castro, Boyle, Facchini, Galvin
15: Krips, Perkins, Stunkard, Blair (fell, remounted)
25: Manchester, Blair, Perkins, Galvin
26:(restarted) Brant, Harmatiuk, Krips, Facchini (retired)
27: Castro, Boyle, Scopellite, Stunkard (fell)
Last Chance: Harmatiuk, Blair, Boyle (fell), Perkins (fell), Scopellite (non starter)

Scratch Main Event
130 - Chris Manchester
  1 - Scott Brant
139 - Shaun Harmatiuk
 24 - Bobby Krips
 14 - Eddie Castro (fell, remounted)
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