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Valparaiso Speedway
Valparaiso, Indiana

May 29, 2005 - Valparaiso Speedway

Valparaiso, IN USA - May 29, 2005

Well, we made it through the first Valpo Speedway Race On May 29th 2005.

As it was the first race it was full of ups & downs, and considering that there wasn't a race track there 10 days before May 29th, I guess I would call it a moderate success. I'm sure some people went home throwing darts at my picture, but I hope the majority decide to return.
My thanks go out to everyone who stuck with me and raced hard the entire afternoon,despite the track and paperwork setbacks.
Hey, we all have to start somewhere, and I certainly plan on working my hardest to improve the track and overall program.
As I stated to some of the riders, between running an 80+ hour a week Motorcycle Shop and Building and then helping run the Speedway Race, I felt beat up on memorial Day.

If any of the Midwestern Riders read this, please offer any suggestions you may have. I want this to work, and will try my best to do so.
A very special thanks needs to go out to Chris Hathaway, Mike Lowe, Kevin Cornett, The Christian Motorcycle Association, and a long list of others who definitely made it all happen. Thanks for your help!

Lastly, if you would like to see some pictures & videos of the(soon to go down in history as the Valpo Dustydrome) May 29th Race,
Please go to www.drewsmotorcycleservice.com and open up "Indiana Motorcycle Racing," then look on "Pictures from last Sunday's race."
Don't mind the Dust!
Best Regards
Drew Gatewood

The following are the Final Results.
1st- #666 / Joe Garrison / Lawrenceburg, Indiana
2nd- #2 / Artur Taraszka / Plainfield, Illinois
3rd- #30 / Daniel Weicht / North Webster, Indiana
4th- #9 / Andrzey Delimat / Manitowoc, Wisconsin

1st- #8 / Eric Miller / La Salle, Illinois
2nd- #82 / Chris Hathaway / Syracuse, Indiana
3rd- #26 / David Weicht / Pierceton, Indiana

1st- #3 / Mark Sheets / Indianapolis, Indiana
2nd- #8 / Marty Sheets / Thorntown, Indiana
3rd- #71 / Kyle Rosenberger / Belvidere, Illinois

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