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Action Park East Speedway
Green, New York

Action Park, Greene, NY. - by F+A+S+T Racing June 4, 2005

Hi All: So the story goes, there's a first time for everything and this was sure it. I see now that race promoting is about everything that possibly can go wrong, or fail to work, will. At the exact time you need it most - but we pressed on and the opening night at Action Park worked on a beautiful evening in NY.

Grateful thanks goes to: Volunteers: Don Hawkins,Bill Senn, Chad Crawford, Tim Mathewson, "Barney" Barnes
on running the race program, Cindy Brooks and Duncan Luke scoring, Rusty Cornell and Tim Mathewson on track work, Doug "Hot Rod"
Anderson and dozens of other die hard SPEEDWAY fans that just saw a need and pitched in.. Awesome.

Tom Sephton
Jeremy Parsons
Merle Craven
Chris Strong

Adam Mitt
Brian Hollenbeck
Lee Bailey

Jery Harmo
Alex Heath
Marc Gauthier
Mikey Buman

Junior Speedway:
Jessie Diem
Corey Brooks
Dee Holden

Sorry I don't have the scoring for the Peewees there were a bunch of them.

Tom got the gate on Jeremy in the main. The Dark horse closed the gap to a bike length on the last lap. Merle Craven was the "come-back kid" after nearly a whole year with injury's and looked very solid all night on a fairly rough surface. The big bash of the night was the B main. All of these guys could have been in the A main but for a few strokes of bad luck and were all over each other for 4 laps after 2 restarts. Donavan and I hope to improve the poor surface at Action Park as time and money permit. Next race: JUNE 18.

Thanks for your comments.

Dave Richards

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