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2005 Batavia Motor Speedway
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Batavia Motor Speedway
Batavia, New York

Batavia Motor Speedway
Batavia, New York, USA
July 22, 2005

We were down a bit on local riders this week. Gene Bonsignore is still out with a shoulder injury, Mike Robinson and Greg Didas were out of town and David Oakden had a wedding to attend. Several guys from Binghamton couldn't attend this week due to work also. The guys did put on a good show though on what is still a challenging track. Many guys said it was better then last week and we plan to add pure clay to the corners this week to help build the base and smoothen it up. Although the speedway field was down slightly, our flat-track program is taking off quickly. Over 40 entries in flat-track and several tried speedway bikes last night. Our track features a TT course on the infield and we ran the kids on that last night and they loved it.

Scratch Main Event
1. Jeremy Parsons
2. Mike Buman
3. George Lazor
4. Joel Parsons
5. Tuff McBride
Parsons selected gate one and it was pretty much a no-brainer that Jeremy would win if he had gate one. He rode very well and deserved it. Lazor had gate two and drifted a bit off the center of turn two allowing Mikey Buman to make a nice move to shoot up the inside. The order pretty much stayed the same. Joel Parsons actually rode very well considering a long layoff.

Handicap Main Event
1. Mikey Buman
2. Jeremy Parsons
3. Tuff McBride
4. George Lazor
5. Joel Parsons
6. Pat Cliff
Smooth ride from 14 year old Mikey Buman who is riding with lots of maturity.

Support Main Event
1. Corey Brookes
2. Jeremy Thompson
3. Deanna Holden
4. Ryan Kaza
5. Andy Crawford
Corey Brookes is riding very good especially considering he is only 12! He thanked all his sponsors last night without forgetting any, including Gene The Machine! That's not easy to remember them all when your twelve or any age for that matter!

Support Main Event
1. Jeremy Thompson
2. Corey Brookes
3. Frank Ditmer
4. Jim Pierce

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