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Carson City Raceway
Winchester, California

Faster Pastor Showdown
July 30, 2005 - Carson City Raceway @ Fuji Park Speedway
By Gary Roberts

The fourth night of racing in Carson City and once again the racing was better than the previous times, as was the field of riders. Its growing every time. This week added Mike Faria and Charlie Venegas. Mike had a night I am sure he would prefer to forget, with brand new motor problems, but Charlie put on a good show.

The track went from wet to dry, from bumpy to smooth, but every rider agreed that there were a number of racing lines, as was proven in the races.

Official Results

Charlie VenegasDivision 1 Scratch Main
1. Charlie Venegas - San Bernardino CA
2. Bart Bast - Forest Hill CA
3. Tommy Hedden - Auburn CA
4. Nate Perkins - Buena Park CA

Charlie made it to the line just in time after fixing a loose ignition wire. He got the gate and rode the outside, clearly the fastest line. It looked to me like the fastest 4 laps I have seen on this track.

Division 1 Scratch Consi
1. Chris Kerr - Grass Valley CA
2. Bryan Yarrow - Vacaville CA
3. Jim Estes - Carson City
4. Mike Faria - Reno

Division 1 Handicap Main
1. Tommy Hedden (50)- Auburn CA
2. Nate Perkins (30)- Buena Park CA
3. Bart Bast (50)- Forest Hill CA
4. Chris Kerr (40)- Grass Valley CA
5. Charlie Venegas (50)- San Bernardino CA
6. Jim Estes (30)- Carson City

Division 1 Handicap Consi
1. JT Mabry (20)- Napa CA
2. Bryan Yarrow (50)-Vacaville CA
3. Billy Hiles (30)- Grass Valley CA
4. Danny Easley (0)- Loomis CA
5. Mike Faria (50)-Reno
6. Devin DeFreece (10)- Fairfield CA

Division 2 Main Event
1. Norman Brooks (20) Weimar CA
2. Shawn Eldridge (30)- Sacramento CA
3. Kenny Ingalls (20)- Forest Hill CA
4. Josh West (30)- Rocklin CA
5. Harlan Bast (30)- Auburn CA
6. Brian Leventon (20)- North Highlands CA

Division 3 Main Event
1. Jeff Spencer (0)- Grass Valley CA
2. Kevin Fereira (30)- Sacramento
3. Johnny Frank (10)- North Highlands CA
4. Josh Everle (0)- Roseville CA
5. Derek Sheppard (10)- Forest Hill CA
6. Rich Mignano (0)- Cottonwood CA

Division 3 Consi
1. Tori Hubbert (0)- Sacramento
2. Ruben Bentez (0)- Bishop
3. Clark Caravella (0)- Citrus Heights CA
4. Anthony Pizzaro (0)- Colfax CA

Youth Speedway
1. Ben Essary (30)- Rio Oso CA
2. Micha Vaughn (0)
3. Will Hilgenberg (20)- Meadow Vista

The next event at Carson City will be on August 13. Riders are requested to sign up before the event.

Gary Roberts - gary_rob@ix.netcom.com

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