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Fast Fridays Speedway
Gold Country Fairgrounds
Auburn, California

Sidecars Night
August 12, 2005 - Fast Fridays, Auburn
By: M.Sober - Auburn Journal Speedway Correspondent

British Elite League regular “Bronco” Billy Janniro capped his short two week stateside visit with a dominating Maita Ford/Fast Friday’s performance. Janniro, who sports a nearly seven point average for the Coventry Bees in England, swept to fairly easy victories in both the Handicap and Scratch Main events. “I really needed to win a scratch Main while I was here.” Said Janniro, who managed a mere fourth place finish in last week’s final race.

In the Handicap Main Janniro was joined on the 40 yardline by Bart Bast, “Flyin” Mike Faria and Tommy Hedden. Chris Kerr was on the 30 and hard luck Danny Easley was positioned right at the tapes on the zero yardline. Janniro got a rocket start that saw him fly by Kerr and into second place before the back yardage riders even got across the start finish line. “I saw Faria kinda flinch forward and so I went”. Janniro explained rather sheepishly after the race. “I really expected to see a red flag come out, but it never did so I knew I got away with that roller.” Once Janniro was clear of the veterans he immediately tracked down Easley and pushed past him on the inside line coming out of turn four on lap number two. It was familiar territory for Easley who held steady and once again finished in the runner-up spot. Bast moved up to third before it was through followed by Hedden, Faria and Kerr who fell near the back straightaway fence on the opening lap.

In the Scratch Main Janniro also managed to come away from the start line in second place but wasted in less time taking over the lead. Charlie “The Edge” Venegas pulled off a spot-on gate out of lane two and led the field into the first turns. Venegas’ great start had dire consequences for the multi-time ICE Racing champion when his momentum took him wide in turn two and Janniro sized the opportunity blasting inside of him and into the front running spot. “I didn't get a good start but I knew what Charlie was gonna do after that gate he got, so I just waited for my chance and took over.” Janniro explained.

Once Janniro got the lead it was all but over. Venegas tried to turn up the chase but couldn't reel in the flamboyant Janniro, who celebrated his main event sweep with a crowd pleasing wheelie as he took the checkered flag. Venegas held second while Bart Bast, who finished third in both mains, bested Pole sitter Faria who was unable to take advantage of his fortunate starting draw.

The American Side Cars made their fourth and final visit of the2005 season to Fast Fridays. The extremely popular Side Hacks Main Event was won by the team of Bryan Motis and Chris Con.

Race promoter Dave “I only scared myself three times” Joiner made a rare appearance in the Third Division ranks and transferred through to the main event. Joiner ran second in the early part of the race but after a close call in the third lap dropped back in the pack behind eventual winner Tim Kerrigan

1. Billy Janniro (Benicia); 2. Charlie Venegas (San Bernardino); 3. Bart Bast (Auburn); 4. Mike Faria (Reno).

1. Billy Janniro; 2.Danny Easley (Loomis); 3. Bart Bast; 4.Tommy Hedden (Auburn); 5. Mike Faria 6. Chris Kerr (Auburn).

1. Steve Lewotsky (El Dorado Hills); 2. Josh West (Granite Bay); 3. Mike Achilles (Auburn).

1. Tim Kerrigan (Novato); 2.Danny Turner (Sacramento); 3.Derek Sheppard (Foresthill)

1. Ricky Wells (Yorba Linda); 2.Krystal Cramer (Chino); 3. Paul Johnson (Auburn).

1. Cody Cicciarelli (Auburn); 2. Mitchel Johnson (Auburn); 3. John Randolph (Forbestown).

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