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Industry Hills Speedway
The Grand Industry Hills Expo Center
City of Industry, California

June 8, 2005 - Industry Hills Speedway
By: Ryan Evans

Buck Blair

Buck Blair won his second main event in three weeks at The Grand in Industry Hills on Wednesday night.

Blair lined up on the pole and was first to leave the line and battled Charlie Venegas into turn one. Blair hugged the inside line, but Venegas left an opening on the inside that Shawn McConnell exploited to take second with a burst of speed and closed on the leader on the back straight. Blair extended his lead on the front straight and steadily pulled away with a comfortable win. McConnell crossed the line second, Venegas finished third, and Shaun Harmatiuk was fourth.

The first of three qualifying rounds began with Harmatiuk being awarded the victory over Blair after a pileup ended the race prematurely. Under 21 National Champion Justin Boyle, back from an Under 21 World Championship Qualifying Round, won the next heat. McConnell beat Dario Galvin for his first win of the evening and Denny Scopellite defeated Venegas to conclude round one.

The next round began with McConnell falling while in the lead and being penalized on the restart. Neil Facchini jumped in front on the restart while McConnell moved through the pack and into second. Facchini held off McConnell's last-lap dash to get the win. Harmatiuk made it two in a row with win in the next race. Boyle kept pace with Harmatiuk's two wins by beating 1984 Junior National Champion Trinon Cirello who was competing for the first time in 16 years. Blair's first win ended the second round.

Galvin won the first race of the final round. Venegas beat Neil Facchini in race 23. McConnell handed Harmatiuk his first loss in the next race. Blair won his second race ahead of Scopellite and Boyle.

Blair was leading the first semi for two laps when McConnell and Scopellite went down in turn three. The referee awarded the win to Blair with second, and the final transfer to the main, to McConnell. Harmatiuk handily won the second semi with Venegas following him to the main. Facchini led the first lap of the Consolation before Boyle took over and ran away with the win.

Mark Baldwin opened a big lead at the start of the Second Division Main Event. Troy McConnell overcame a bad start and worked his way into second and closed on Baldwin on the final lap. Baldwin kept his composure, however, and held on for the win. Eloy Medellin finished third and Steve Dziadus, Jr. was fourth.

The first attempt to compete the Third Division Main ended in turn three with Mark Skeels and Kerry Sorensen on the ground. Damon Barry led the restart until he fell in turn four, turning the lead over to Vince Giamformaggio. Giamformaggio was on his way to victory when he fell in the final corner allowing Skeels to steal the victory. Sorensen finished second, Barry was third, and Giamformaggio was credited with fourth.

Austin Novratil led the Youth First Division Main before being passed on the third lap by Gino Manzares who narrowly defeated Krystal Cramer at the line for the victory. Joey Holt led all four laps to win the Youth Second Division Main ahead of Dylan Black and Russell Green. Max Cirello led the Pee Wee Main before being passed by Braydan Galvin in turn four. Dominic Manzares passed Galvin a lap later and led the rest of the way. Galvin finished second, Cirello was third, and Shane Williams, Jr. finished fourth.


Pee Wee Main Event
195 - Dominic Manzares 40
  1 - Braydan Galvin            20
26 - Max Cirello            0
01 - Shane Williams, Jr.       0

Youth Second Division Main Event
114 - Joey Holt
  7 - Dylan Black
18 - Russell Green

Youth First Division Main Event
21 - Gino Manzares             10
13 - Krystal Cramer            40
  8 - Austin Novratil            0

Third Division Consolation
137 - Dominic Maniaci
313 - Robert Glamuzina
102 - Jim Lavender          (fell, remounted)
308 - Hugh Randolph

Third Division Main Event (restarted)
151 - Mark Skeels
280 - Kerry Sorensen
150 - Damon Barry         (fell, remounted)
309 - Vince Giamformaggio   (fell, remounted)

Second Division Consolation
336 - Bill Green
188 - Nathan Smelser           (fell, remounted)
103 - Brent Smith           (fell, remounted)

Second Division Main Event
115 - Mark Baldwin
131 - Troy McConnell
178 - Eloy Medellin
272 - Steve Dziadus, Jr.

First Division Scoring 1 2    3 T
  6 - Shawn McConnell          3     2    3       8
18 - Justin Boyle         3    3    1       7
26 - Trinon Cirello            0    2    1       3
37 - Denny Scopellite    3     1    2       6
39 - Buck Blair               2    3    3       8
43 - Charlie Venegas           2     2    3       7
45 - Dario Galvin              2    0    3       5
105 - Michael Hernandez         0    1    F       1
120 - Skyler Greyson      1     1    1       3
139 - Shaun Harmatiuk         3     3    2 8
182 - Rudy Laurer          1    N    N       1
201 - Neil Facchini             Fx  3    2       5
214 - Steve Murray              2    1    1       4
248 - Brian Starr              1     0    2       3
301 - Dale Facchini             1    2    0       3

Race Results
3: (awarded) Harmatiuk, Blair, Laurer, N.Facchini
4: Boyle, Murray, Starr
5: McConnell, Galvin, D.Facchini, Cirello
6: Scopellite, Venegas, Greyson, Hernandez
12: (restarted) N.Facchini, McConnell (penalty line), Scopellite, Starr
13: Harmatiuk, D.Facchini, Greyson
14: Boyle, Cirello, Hernandez, Laurer (non starter)
15: Blair, Venegas, Murray, Galvin
22: Galvin, Starr, Greyson, Laurer (non starter)
23: Venegas, N.Facchini, Cirello
24: McConnell, Harmatiuk, Murray, Hernandez (fell)
25: (restarted) Blair, Scopellite, Boyle, D.Facchini (penalty line)
Semi #1: (awarded) Blair, McConnell, N.Facchini, Scopellite
Semi #2: Harmatiuk, Venegas, Boyle, Galvin

First Division Consolation (restarted)
18 - Justin Boyle
37 - Denny Scopellite
45 - Dario Galvin (penalty line)
201 - Neil Facchini          (retired)

First Division Main Event
39 - Buck Blair
  6 - Shawn McConnell
43 - Charlie Venegas
139 - Shaun Harmatiuk

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