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Fast Fridays Speedway
Gold Country Fairgrounds
Auburn, California

Fast Fridays, Auburn, California USA - June 2, 2006
By Gary Roberts

More good racing from Fast Fridays in Auburn on a warm, humid evening. A fairly good rider turn out, and an average sized crowd saw Charlie Venegas win the Scratch Main and Kenny Ingalls win the Handicap Main.

The evening was marred by a number of accidents. The most serious happened to Bart Bast, when his throttle stuck open and threw him off into turn one. He suffered shoulder and possible ankle injuries. Get well, Bart. Other accident victims included Danny Easley, with a damaged knee, who was unable to take his place in the restart of the handicap semifina, Mike Faria, who was able to complete his evening of races, but admitted that he would be sore the next day.

Bart’s injury, sustained during the handicap consi, reduced the scratch main event to a 3 man race. The 3 competitors were Southern California’s Charlie Venegas, Reno’s Mike Faria and local man Bryan Yarrow. Venegas went into the lead from a lightning fast gate, followed by Faria who challenged on the outside for the first lap, but quickly reverted to maintaining his second place from Yarrow, who challenged on the inside. The order remained that way for the 4 laps. Venegas followed the same pattern all evening, having won his heat and semifinal in the same manner.

Foresthill’s Kenny Ingalls won the handicap main from the zero yard line. He looked fast all evening, having already won his handicap heat and semifinal. The battle behind him was fast, but more of a procession, with most finishing in the same order as their start positions.

The Challenge Elimination winner was Bryan Yarrow, who will join the series championship on August 18.

Kell Kerrigan fought through the pack to win the division 2 main.

Matt Proto won the D2 consi, then promptly fell within yards of crossing the line, adding a challenge for his followers.

From the zero yard line Josh Everle had an easier race to win the division 3 main by a good margin.

Jim Lewis won the D3 consi by over half a lap! He surely is D2 material.

Charlie Venegas

Unofficial results:

Scratch Main Event
1. Charlie Venegas; 2 .Mike Faria; 3. Bryan Yarrow; 4. Bart Bast (n/s).

Scratch Consolation Event
1. Chad Felicio; 2. Nate Perkins; 3. Buck Blair; 4. TJ Fowler.

Handicap Main Event
1. Kenny Ingalls; 2. Matt Becker; 3. Nate Perkins; 4. Buck Blair; 5. TJ Fowler

Handicap Consolation Event
1. JJ Martynse; 2. Alex Marcucci; 3. Chad Felicio; 4. Bart Bast

Division 2 Main Event
1. Kell Kerrigan; 2. Tyler Hansen; 3. Josh West; 4. Mike Browne; 5. David Fonts.

Division 2 Consolation Event
1. Matt Proto; 2. Harlan Bast Sr.; 3. Rachalle Kerr; 4. Danny Poli; 5. Les Veale.

Division 3 Main Event
1. Josh Everle; 2. Steve Rowett; 3. Johnny Frank; 4. Danny Turner; 5. Adrien Contrares.

Division 3 Consolation Event
1. Jim Lewis; 2. Greg Lovlien; 3.Rich Mignano; 4. Dave Norman; 5. Lenny Bouressa.

Youth Main Division 1
1. Ben Essary ; 2. Cody Cicciarellii; 3. Will Hilgenberg.

Youth Main Division 2
1. Ben Turner; 2. Steven Reese; 3. Tom Reich; 4. Amber Felicio

Youth Main Division 3
1. Tyler Warren; 2. Eric Randolph; 3. Tanner Kane; 4. Michelle Fehrman; 5, Jamison Dilkey.

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