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Industry Speedway
The Grand Industry Hills Expo Center
City of Industry, California

CNC Photo Night
August 2, 2006 - Industry Speedway
By: Ryan Evans

Charlie "The Edge" Venegas continued his domination of Industry Hills by taking home his fifth main event of the season on CNC Photo Night at the Grand.

Venegas drew gate one and rocketed into the lead when the tapes went up. Tommy Hedden, who won the last main event at Industry Hills, started in his preferred gate four, but wasn't near Venegas when they entered turn one. Venegas had a decisive lead on the first lap and left a three-rider battle for second in his wake. Hedden held second but was challenged on the inside by Bryan Yarrow. "Fast" Eddie Castro stuck his nose into the fight and used the outside line to get around Yarrow for third before turning his sights on Hedden. Venegas was the winner, with Hedden holding off Castro for second and Yarrow coming in fourth.

Yarrow began the heats with a win over Dale Facchini. Venegas defeated Buck Blair for his first win of the evening. Hedden beat Mark Dwyer in his opening heat. Castro finished round one by beating Tim Gomez.

Dale Facchini began round two with a great outside ride to take the lead, but brought out the red when he fell in turn three. Gary Hicks won the restart ahead of Blair. Castro used the outside to make a dazzling pass on Venegas and ran away with his second victory. Yarrow made it two for two by beating Dwyer in race 23. Gomez closed the second round with an impressive victory over Hedden.

Yarrow started the final round with his third straight victory. Blair beat Gomez for his first win. Venegas got revenge on Castro with a win in race 30. Hedden finished the heats with his second victory.

Venegas cruised to victory in the first semi while Hedden had to ride the wheels off his machine on the outside line to get around Gomez for second. Blair got the best start in the second semi, but Castro blazed around the outside and romped to victory. Yarrow also got past Blair for second. Blair used the outside to pass Hicks for the victory in the Consolation.

In the Second Division Main, Randy Skinner trapped from the outside to get the lead while Eloy Medellin spun around in turn one. Skinner was challenged on the inside by Billy Braden, who took Skinner very wide in turn three. The red flag came out and a full restart was ordered. On the restart, Medellin took advantage of his second chance by jumping into the lead at the start and marching to victory. Braden was second, Rudy Laurer finished third, and Skinner was fourth.

The Third Division Main Event was all Jamie Myers as he took the lead from the start and put together four smooth laps en route to the win. Steve Bowen finished second, Mike Lane was third, and DeWayne Stark finished fourth.

Rocco Scopellite led the Youth Second Division Main from start to finish to score a superb win. Joey Holt finished second, Russell Green was third, Phillip Harmatiuk finished fourth, Bradlee Pappalardo was fifth, and Trevor Sargent finished sixth.

Braydan Galvin was victorious in the Pee Wee Main Event. John Malaguanero was second, Tyler Villalobos finished third, Elijah Hicks was fourth, and Emalee Pappalardo finished fifth.

The Sidecars made their official 2006 debut at Industry Hills and it was the team of Joe Jones and Brandi McElroy taking the win. Jeff Medberry and Chris Levitt finished second, and Dan Jones and Matt Davis were third.


Sidecar Main Event
9 - Joe Jones/Brandi McElroy
11 -Jeff Medberry/Chris Levitt
4 - Dan Jones/Matt Davis
- Bertus/Glen McClellan

Pee Wee Main Event
1 - Braydan Galvin
46 - Josh Malaguanero
23 - Tyler Villalobos
8 - Elijah Hicks
DQ1 - Emalee Pappalardo

Youth Second Division Main Event
9 - Rocco Scopellite 0
114 - Joey Holt 10
18 - Russell Green 10
139 - Phillip Harmatiuk 10
611 - Bradlee Pappalardo 0
99 - Trevor Sargent 0
25n - Tyler Warren 0 (non starter)

Youth First Division
13 - Krystal Cramer

Third Division Consolation
233 - Jesse Batista
158 - Ron Mongenel
146 - Josh Ganzer
241 - John Marquez (fell)

Third Division Main Event
143 - Jamie Myers
177 - Steve Bowen
141 - Mike Lane
244 - DeWayne Stark

Second Division Consolation
309 - Vince Giamformaggio
132 - Justin Hassan (fell, remounted)
232 - Allen Doss (fell)

Second Division Consolation (awarded)
316n - Steve Rowett
150 - Damon Barry
288 - Rick Fritch
136 - Kim Stevens (fell, excluded)

Second Division Consolation
77 - Bryan Buffington
163 - Rohn Zellner
103 - Brent Smith
326 - Mark Lane

Second Division Main Event (restarted)
178 - Eloy Medellin
117 - Billy Braden
182 - Rudy Laurer
383 - Randy Skinner

First Division Scoring 1 2 3 T
3 - Gary Hicks 1 3 2 6
8n - Bryan Yarrow 3 3 3 9
14 - Eddie Castro 3 3 2 8
17 - Robbie Sauer 1 1 0 2
21 - Brad Sauer 1 1 R 2
39 - Buck Blair 2 2 3 7
40n - Tommy Hedden 3 2 3 8
43 - Charlie Venegas 3 2 3 8
45 - Dario Galvin E 1 1 2
99 - Greg Ayers 0 0 1 1
105 - Michael Hernandez 0 0 F 0
139 - Shaun Harmatiuk 0 1 2 3
145 - Mark Dwyer 2 2 1 5
201 - Neil Facchini 1 0 F 1
256 - Tim Gomez 2 3 2 7
301 - Dale Facchini 2 0 1 3

Race Results
10: Yarrow, D.Facchini, Hicks, Ayers
11: Venegas, Blair, N.Facchini, Harmatiuk
12: Hedden, Dwyer, B.Sauer, Hernandez
13: Castro, Gomez, R.Sauer, Galvin (engine failure)
21: (restarted) Hicks, Blair, B.Sauer, D.Facchini (penalty line)
22: Castro, Venegas, Harmatiuk, Hernandez
23: Yarrow, Dwyer, R.Sauer, N.Facchini (fell, remounted)
24: Gomez, Hedden, Galvin Ayers
28: Yarrow, Hicks, Galvin, Hernandez (fell)
29: Blair, Gomez, Dwyer, R.Sauer
30: Venegas, Castro, Ayers, B.Sauer (retired)
31: (restarted) Hedden, Harmatiuk, D.Facchini, N.Facchini (penalty line)
Semi #1: Venegas, Hedden, Gomez, Hicks
Semi #2: Castro, Yarrow, Blair, Dwyer

First Division Consolation
39 - Buck Blair
3 - Gary Hicks
145 - Mark Dwyer
256 - Tim Gomez

First Division Main Event
43 - Charlie Venegas
40n - Tommy Hedden
14 - Eddie Castro
8n - Bryan Yarrow

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