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Costa Mesa Speedway
Orange County Fairgrounds
Costa Mesa, California

Kids Night
June 16, 2007 - Costa Mesa
By: Ryan Evans

Gary Hicks won the Scratch Main at Costa Mesa, but Kids Night came to an anticlimactic end as the Youth Main Events and the Handicap Main had to be cancelled due to the 10:00 p.m. curfew.

In the first attempt to run the Scratch Main, Hicks got the best start from gate one, but Bryan Yarrow, Josh Larsen, and Charlie Venegas came together in turn one with all Yarrow going down in a heap and Venegas and Larsen hitting the wall hard. There were several tense minutes before Venegas was the first to get to his feet. Larsen was next to his feet and walked off the track, but later discovered that he had some foot injuries and began suffering soreness in his back. Yarrow, however, had to be removed from the track via stretcher.

Only Hicks, Venegas, and Tommy Hedden lined up for the restart, but Venegas got into the tapes and was penalized. The third time they riders came to the tapes Hicks got the best start and cruised the entire four laps for the win. Venegas made up the twenty yard handicap on Hedden, but couldn't work his way past into second.

After the conclusion of the Scratch Main, Yarrow was transported to the hospital with what was determined to be a broken ankle and replacement ambulance was summoned to the track. However, an accident on a local street prevented another ambulance from getting to the track prior to the 10:00 curfew. Therefore, the two youth main events and the Handicap Main Event had to be canceled.

The Support Main Event resembled World Wrestling Entertainment as crash after crash brought four starts and no conclusion. Prior to the riders lining up for a fifth time, the referee decreed that it would be the final attempt to complete the race. Eloy Medellin led into turn one, but Rudy Laurer and Vince Giamformaggio went down and neither rider could get up safely and the red flag came out for the fifth time. Medellin, who was leading, was awarded the victory and Mike Bloom was credited with second.

Three restarts and a penalty for rolling the start put four riders on the penalty line behind Scott York and Jim Lavender in the Support B Main Event. York got the best start and held off a late charge by Robert "The Sarge" Fiesler for a hard-earned win. Fiesler had to settle for second, Lavender finished third, Jim Painter was fourth, Fred Remington finished fifth, and Yoshi Sato was sixth.

Saturday's event will be the 10th annual Jack Milne Cup. The event honors the 1937 World Speedway Champion who co-founded Costa Mesa Speedway. The Trail Blazers, a group of motorcycling pioneers, will also be in attendance and there will be a special class for current speedway racers who are 50 years and older. Venegas is the defending Milne Cup Champion.


Youth Second Division Main Event (canceled) 
Braydan Galvin, Rocco Scopellite, and Major Davis were supposed to compete. 

Youth First Division Main Event (canceled) 
Brad Pappalardo, Jason Ramirez, and Joey Holt were supposed to compete. 

Support B Consolation 
 00 - Toni Hicks          	10
714 - Joe Dillard 20
308 - Hugh Randolph 20
159 - James Ruhman         	10
303 - Bill Carr                	20	(fell) 

Support B Consolation 
169 - Dan Wensloff 10
136 - Kim Stevens 20
312 - Charlie Ousley           	10
313 - Robert Glamuzina 10
328 - Steve Leffler            	10
300 - Jason Dupuy             	10 	(non starter)

Support B Main Event (restarted three times)
155 - Scott York 20
106 - Robert Fiesler 20 	(penalty line)
102 - Jim Lavender 20
172 - Jim Painter 20 	(penalty line)
152 - Fred Remington 10 	(penalty line)
170 - Yoshi Sato 10 	(penalty line) (fell) 

Support Consolation 
176 - Carl Gazafy 
107 - Monte McKeon 
232 - Allen Doss (fell) 

Support Consolation 131 - Troy McConnell
388 - Donny Robinson
212 - Steve Dziadus
161 - Hector Quevedo 

Support Consolation (restarted twice)
132 - Justin Hassan 
150 - Damon Barry 
147 - Rick Farron (retired)
326 - Mark Lane (penalty line) 

Support Main Event (restarted four times) (awarded)
178 - Eloy Medellin 
22 - Mike Bloom 
182 - Rudy Laurer (fell, excluded)
309 - Vince Giamformaggio (fell, excluded) 

Handicap Main Event (canceled) 
Ricky Wells, Bobby Krips, Buck Blair, Gary Hicks, Shaun McConnell, Tommy Hedden, Shaun Harmatiuk, and Bobby Schwartz had qualified for the main event. 

Last Chance 
40 - Tommy Hedden 
6 - Shawn McConnell 
24 - Bobby Krips 
11 - Bobby Schwartz 

Scratch Main Event (restarted)
  3 - Gary Hicks 
  40 - Tommy Hedden 
  1 - Charlie Venegas 
  2 - Josh Larsen (non starter)
  8 - Bryan Yarrow (non starter)
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