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2007 Fast Fridays Speedway
Gold Country Fairgrounds
Auburn, California

Fast Fridays, Auburn, California USA - June 8, 2007
By Gary Roberts

More great racing from Fast Fridays. A strong contingent from Southern California came to practice for next week’s National round.

Bryan Yarrow took the scratch main after out-gating the rest and despite pressure from Charlie Venegas he held on for 4 laps.

Shaun Harmatiuk looked comfortable in the lead with Ricky Wells trailing him, waiting for a mistake. When Wells saw Tommy Hedden making progress on the outside, he moved out and discovered the traction on the outside line that Hedden had been using, propelling him past Harmatiuk. It will be interesting to see how the 15 year old Wells does next week, following his excellent performance in the first round.

Danny Poli won his first division 2 main, while Reno ’s Rob Christian took the division 3 main, ahead of perpetual second place man, Mark Legaro. Flat track racer Legaro has consistently been the most successful division 3 rider this season, to not win a race. He had lead every week, before either being overtaken, or falling down.

Scratch Main
1. Bryan Yarrow; 2. Charlie Venegas; 3. Bart Bast; 4. Neil Facchini.

Scratch Consolation
1. Mike Faria; 2. Kenny Ingalls; 3. Ricky Wells; 4. Tommy Hedden.

Handicap Main
1. Ricky Wells; 2.Shaun Harmatiuk; 3. Tommy Hedden; 4. Nate Perkins; 5. Matt Proto.

Handicap Consolation
1. Mike Faria; 2. Kenny Ingalls; 3. Bart Bast; 4. Bryan Yarrow; 5. Devin Defreece.

Div 2 main
1. Danny Poli; 2. Tyler Hansen; 3. Danny Turner; 4. Steve Rowett; 5. Brian Leventon.

Div 2 Consolation
1. Jim Lewis; 2. Kell Kerrigan; 3. Mike Browne; 4. Harlan Bast; 5. Bill Warnock.

Div 3 main
1. Robert Christian; 2. Mark Legaro; 3. Adrien Contrares; 4. Robert Fehrman; 5. Jeff Irwin.

Youth Div 1
1. Ben Essary; 2. Will Hilgenberg; 3. Cody Cicciarelli; 4. Bryce Starks.

Youth Div 2 & 3
1. Tanner Kane; 2. Jamison Dilkey; 3. Tyler Warren; 4. Kendra Warren; 5. Randi Rhein.

Next week it’s the second round of the AMA National, so expect a full house. The following week the regular program included Vintage Speedway racing. This event has been growing in interest and it is hoped that it will encourage some 2 valve Jawa owners from Southern California to show up. Maybe even a JAP or two? Retired riders who have competed in this event in recent years include Bob Hicks and Mike Rooney.

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