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Victorville Speedway
Wheel2Wheel Raceway
Victorville, California

High Desert Pairs Championship
March 7, 2007 - Victorville
By: Ryan Evans

Eddie Castro and Ricky Wells dominated their competition en route to winning the High Desert Best Pairs Championship at Wheel2Wheel Raceway in Victorville.

Wells and Castro had not been defeated by an opposing rider when they entered the main event. Their opponents in the main were Buck Blair and Dale Facchini, who replaced Blair's original partner, Michael Hull, after he damaged his bike earlier in the meeting. Wells was first into turn one but went wide, allowing Blair and Facchini to blast underneath. Castro went around the pair on the back straight on the second lap and then Wells went underneath as they exited turn four. Blair repassed Wells on the outside on the back straight, but Facchini was still stuck at the back. Castro ran away with the victory, while Blair slowed to try to help his partner get through but Wells was able to hold on to the position and secure the title.

The heats began with the Facchini Brothers getting a drawn heat with J.T. Mabry and Travis Henderson. Hull and Blair made a fast start and were able to hold off Chris Kerr and Billy Hiles for a 5-1. Scott Brant and George Fox then combined for a 4-2.

Castro and Wells stormed to a 5-1 over the Facchini Brothers in their first ride. Blair and Hull scored their second straight 5-1. Brant and Fox were awarded a 5-1 after Kerr lifted and fell exiting turn two on the third lap of their battle. Castro and Wells scored an easy 5-1 to keep pace with Blair and Hull.

Blair and Hull saw their perfect score evaporate when Hull went down, but Blair was able to salvage three points with a victory over the Facchinis. Kerr and Hiles turned their day around with a 5-1 in race 20. An anticipated battle between the Castro/Wells pairing and the Brant/Fox duo hit a snag when Brant was penalized for touching the tapes. Castro and Wells cruised to their third straight 5-1.

The Facchinis scored a 5-1 with Neil getting first and Dale making a great outside pass to get second. The next race had to be restarted when Hull went down. The result of his crash was a broken machine which forced him to withdraw from the meeting. Brant and Fox scored a 4-2 over Blair. Kerr and Hiles forced a runoff for a semi position with a 5-1 in their final heat. Castro and Wells kept their perfect score with another 5-1 in the final heat.

A runoff was necessary to determine the final semi position and Kerr defeated Dale Facchini. It wasn't the end for Dale Facchini, however, because he was allowed to replace Hull as Blair's partner in the semis.

The first semi was a wild affair as Kerr and Hiles got to the front and looked to ruin Castro and Wells's perfect day. On the third lap Castro squeezed through the smallest of holes on the outside to take the lead on the back straight and Wells slithered past on the inside and the duo held their places to transfer to the main. Brant made the best start in the second semi, but Blair and Dale Facchini masterfully held Fox at the back and took the other spot in the main.

Veteran rider Mike Bloom and rookie Mike O'Neil proved to be a strong pairing as they scored a perfect 15 points from their three races to win the Second Division Pairs Championship.

Lance Remington won both of his heats and then led every lap of the Third Division Main Event. Second place went to Fred Remington, Scott York finished third, and Mike Nutting was fourth.

Dylan Black was leading the Youth Main Event, but fell in turn four. Danielle Diaz and Russell Green were forced to take evasive action, but the red flag didn't come out. Green recovered first and ran away with the win, Diaz finished second, and Black was credited with third.

The next speedway event at Wheel2Wheel Raceway is the St. Paddy's Day Speedfest on Saturday, March 17. It also marks the first night event of the 2007 season. The car heats begin at 6:00 p.m. and the speedway events will begin immediately after the car heats conclude at approximately 6:30.


Youth Main Event 
18 - Russell Green 20
 86 - Danielle Diaz            	0
  7 - Dylan Black 0 
Third Division Main Event 
134 - Lance Remington
152 - Fred Remington
155 - Scott York
218 - Mike Nutting
Second Division Pairs Scoring	1	2	3		T 
210 - Mike Bloom               	3  	3  	3    		9
243 - Mike O'Neil              	2*	2*	2*   		6+3
TOTAL                                                          	15

 77 - Bryan Buffington 1  	2*	2*   		5+2
241 - John Marquez             	X  	3  	3    		6
TOTAL                                                          	11

177 - Steve Bowen             	3  	F  	1    		4
187 - Blake Bowen 1  	F  	F    		1
TOTAL                                                         	5
288 - Rick Fritch            	2  	0  	1    		3
326 - Mark Lane             	0  	1  	0    		1
TOTAL                                                          	4 
Race Results 
10: Bloom, O'Neil, Buffington, Marquez (excluded)
15: S.Bowen, Fritch, B.Bowen, Lane
22: Marquez, Buffington, Lane, Fritch
27: Bloom, O'Neil, B.Bowen (fell), S.Bowen (fell)
33: Bloom, O'Neil, Fritch, Lane (fell, remounted)
37: Marquez, Buffington, S.Bowen, B.Bowen (fell)
First Division Pairs Scoring  	1  	2  	3  	4    		T 
14 - Eddie Castro 2*	3  	3  	3    		11+1
142 - Ricky Wells 3  	2*	2*	2*   		9+3
TOTAL                                                              	20

 39 - Buck Blair 2*	3  	3  	2    		10+1
320 - Michael Hull 3 	2* 	0  	N    		5+1
TOTAL                                                              	15

 10 - Scott Brant 3  	3  	1  	3    		10
 29 - George Fox 1  	2*	0  	1     		4+1
TOTAL                                                              	14

 27 - Chris Kerr 1  	F  	3  	3     		7
 44 - Billy Hiles 0  	1  	2*	2*    		5+2
TOTAL                                                              	12

 19 - Dale Facchini 3  	F  	1*	2*   		6+2
201 - Neil Facchini F  	1  	2  	3     		6
TOTAL                                                              	12

 93 - J.T. Mabry 2  	1  	0  	0     		3
238 - Travis Henderson      	1*	0  	1  	1      		3+1
TOTAL                                                             	6

 18 - Justin Boyle R  	R  	R  	N     		0
(Rider Replacement)        	2  	1  	1  	1      		5
TOTAL                                                             	5 

Race Results 
 7: (restarted) D.Facchini, Mabry, Henderson, N.Facchini (penalty line) (fell)
 8: Hull, Blair, Kerr, Hiles
 9: Brant, N.Facchini (R/R), Fox, Boyle (retired)
12: Wells, Castro, N.Facchini, D.Facchini (fell)
13: Blair, Hull, Mabry, Henderson
16: (awarded) Brant, Fox, Hiles (fell, remounted), Kerr (fell)
17: Castro, Wells, Henderson (R/R), Boyle (retired)
19: Blair, N.Facchini, D.Facchini, Hull (fell, remounted)
20: Kerr, Hiles, Henderson, Mabry
21: Castro, Wells, Brant (tape penalty), Fox
24: N.Facchini, D.Facchini, Mabry (R/R), Boyle (retired)
25: (restarted) Brant, Blair, Fox, Hull (non starter)
28: Kerr, Hiles, D.Facchini (R/R), Boyle (non starter)
29: Castro, Wells, Mabry, Henderson 

Runoff: Kerr, D.Facchini 
Semi #1: Wells, Castro, Kerr, Hiles 
Semi #2: Brant, Blair, D.Facchini (R/R), Fox 

High Desert Pairs Final 
14 - Eddie Castro 
39 - Buck Blair 
142 - Ricky Wells 
19 - Dale Facchini
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