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Victorville Speedway
Wheel2Wheel Raceway
Victorville, California

Chamber of Commerce Night
July 21, 2007 - Victorville
By: Ryan Evans

Ricky Wells took home the Scratch Main and the Schlaman's Pit Crew Pit Stop Challenge on Chamber of Commerce Night at Wheel2Wheel Raceway in Victorville.

Wells was the top scorer entering the main event and chose the outside starting position which can be an advantage on the high-banked track. Michael Hull then selected gate two, Eddie Castro picked gate three, leaving Dale Facchini with the inside.

Castro rolled into the tapes and was penalized twenty yards on the restart. When the tapes finally went up Wells trapped from the outside and took the lead. Wells planted himself on the inside line and established a comfortable advantage. Castro was charging hard from the back and took over third when Hull fell on the third lap. That would prove to be the only change of position as Wells cruised to the checkered flag and the victory. Facchini was second, Castro finished third, and Hull was fourth.

The Schlaman's Pit Crew Pit Stop Challenge had five riders competing in a unique race. The riders would complete one lap, pull into the infield, the rider and mechanic would remove the rear wheel and flip the edge, remount, pushstart, and complete the final lap.

Wells led the first lap from the start and pulled into his pit first. He and his father, Steve, efficiently performed all the pit tasks and Wells was out of his pit and on to victory well ahead of his competitors. John and Claudio Marquez were second, Dale Facchini and Matt Davis finished third, Eddie Castro and Dane Adams were fourth, and Michael Hull and Tom Clark finished fifth.

The earned-handicap format was used for First and Second Division heats. The first round of First Division heats saw Wells and Hull earn victories. Round two began with Castro starting on the ten and scoring an easy win while Wells passed Billy Lyons from the back to score the win in his heat.

Wells and Castro locked horns from the thirty yard line in the third round and it was Wells who got to Marquez first and took the lead and the win. Greg Ayers started and finished in front in the other third round heat.

The final round began with Castro beating Facchini and Marquez for his second win. Hull handed Wells his only heat race defeat when he held him off for the win in the final heat. Ayers defeated Marquez in the Consolation.

The evening also brought the debut of the Golden Helmet Match Race Championship. Castro and Wells were selected to compete based on season points, but future match races will have the defending champion squaring off against a different opponent. The pair traded wins in the first two races with Castro taking the win in the third and deciding race.

Bryan "Bumblebee" Buffington won both his heats and dominated the Second Division Main Event for his first Victorville main event victory of the season. Tyler Hansen was second, Allen Doss finished third, Steve Dziadus was fourth, Rick Fritch finished fifth, and Donnie Robinson was sixth.

Max Eddy made an auspicious debut by winning the Third Division Main Event on his first night. Billy J Vaughn was second, Steve Leffler finished third, Tony DeAlmeida was fourth, Mike Nutting finished fifth, and James Ruhman was sixth.

Erika Lyons held off the challenge of James Rush to win the Pee Wee Main Event while Clayton Roberts finished third.

The Sidecar Main Event came to a spectacular halt when Joe Jones and Jimmy Olsen parked in turn two and then launched off the inside berm of the track and tumbled onto the infield. Jones was down for several minutes, but got up and decided to restart. On the restart Dale Facchini and Matt Davis led from start to finish to score the victory. Jones and Olsen finished second and Brian Motis and Chris Levitt were third.

The next speedway event in Victorville will be the Summer Harley Night on August 4 and will feature Harley races and a parade. This event is receiving support from Victorville Harley Davidson and has generated some buzz among the local fans, past and present, and should bring a sizeable crowd to the track.


Papa John's Sidecar Main Event (restarted)
 19 - Dale Facchini/Matt Davis
 15 - Joe Jones/Jimmy Olsen		(penalty line)
  4 - Brian Motis/Chris Levitt
 31 - Tommy Thornton/Loren Thurston 
 Pee Wee Main Event 
 77 - Erika Lyons            	20
  7 - James Rush               	40
  9 - Clayton Roberts          	0 
Third Division Main Event 
148 - Max Eddy                	10
181n - Billy J Vaughn         	10
328 - Steve Leffler            	30
157 - Tony DeAlmeida 10
218 - Mike Nutting 20
159 - James Ruhman          	10 

Second Division Scoring     	1  2    T 
77 - Bryan Buffington 3  3    6
104n - Tyler Hansen 1  3    4
212 - Steve Dziadus          	3  2    5
232 - Allen Doss 2  1    3
288 - Rick Fritch 1  2    3
388 - Donny Robinson        	2  1    3 

Race Results 
6: Buffington, Robinson, Hansen
10: Dziadus, Doss, Fritch
19: Buffington [30], Dziadus [30], Robinson [20] (fell)
23: Hansen [10], Fritch [10], Doss [20] (fell, remounted) 

Second Division Main Event (restarted)
 77 - Bryan Buffington 0
104n - Tyler Hansen 0
232 - Allen Doss 10
212 - Steve Dziadus           	0
288 - Rick Fritch 10
388 - Donny Robinson         	10	(non starter)

Golden Helmet Match Race 
14 - Eddie Castro 2
142 - Ricky Wells 1 

Schlaman's Service Pit Crew Challenge 
142 - Ricky Wells - Steve Wells
241 - John Marquez - Claudio Marquez
 19 - Dale Facchini - Matt Davis
 14 - Eddie Castro 
  - Dane Adams 
  320 - Michael Hull 
  - Tom Clark 
 First Division Scoring      	1  2  3  4    T
 14 - Eddie Castro 1  3  2  3    9
 19 - Dale Facchini 2  2  2  1    7
 32 - Billy Lyons 0  1  R  N    1
 55 - Travis Henderson 1  -  -  -    1
 99 - Greg Ayers 2  F  3  1    6
142 - Ricky Wells 3  3  3  2    11
241 - John Marquez F  1  1  2    4
320 - Michael Hull 3  2  1  3    9 

Race Results 
4: Wells, Facchini, Henderson (fell), Marquez (fell)
 5: Hull, Ayers, Castro, Lyons
11: Castro [10], Facchini [20], Marquez [0], Ayers [20] (fell)
12: Wells [30], Hull[30], Lyons [0], Henderson [10] (non starter)
17: Wells [30], Castro [30], Marquez [10], Lyons [10] (retired)
18: Ayers [0], Facchini [20], Hull [20], Henderson (non starter)
24: Castro [20], Facchini [20], Marquez [10], Henderson (non starter)
25: Hull [10], Wells [30], Ayers [30], Lyons (non starter) 

Scratch Consolation 
99 - Greg Ayers 
241 - John Marquez 
32 - Billy Lyons (non starter)
 55 - Travis Henderson (non starter) 
Scratch Main Event 
 142 - Ricky Wells 
 19 - Dale Facchini 
 14 - Eddie Castro (tape penalty)
320 - Michael Hull (fell, remounted)
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