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October 11, 2008 - Mid America Speedway
Jim Terchila jimterchila@yahoo.com

Our rider count was down this week, but the racing continues to get faster and closer every week.

BJ Fesselmeyer proved that he planned on winning the main event after winning three firsts and earning a second in the heats which put him on the pole in the all important A-main.

Paul Huggins was also riding strong with two wins and two seconds in the heats which earned him a spot in the second gate. First year rider Ricky Leak, Jim Terchila and Preston Dorfmeyer each earned nine points, but Leak and Terchila had more heat wins than Dorfmeyer which sent him to the B-main. Leak's win over Terchila in heat 18 gave Leak gate three, and Terchila started in gate four. At the start, Fesselmeyer jumped out to an early lead with Huggins in second. Terchila took the high line around Leak and moved into the third spot. After that it was a great race for second place as Fesselmeyer was never seriously challenged. Terchila pressured Huggins who ran second, and Leak tried everything he could to move into the third spot.

The entire main event was run with two and three riders running side by side with a position changes every lap. In the end it was Fesselmeyer, Huggins, Terchila and Leak.

The B-main consisted of Preston Dorfmeyer in gate one, Todd Eads in two, Dan Weicht in three, and Barry Benkert in gate four. At the start, Eads jumped to an early lead followed by Dan Weicht, Dorfmeyer and Benkert. The order changed every lap with Dorfmeyer moving into the lead

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