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Ohio Speedway Long Track Championship

By Scotty Brown
Wauseon, OH  July 18, 2008

Chad Rall came out on top at the Ohio Speedway Long Track Championship, Friday night July 18, 2008 at the Fulton County Fairgrounds in Wauseon, Ohio.

The Ohio State Speedway final was organized by Scotty Brown and the Bike Days Motorcycle Club www.bikedays.com and sponsored by Applied Innovations, Breece Harley Davidson, Cycle Trader, Dixie International, Engraver’s Gallery, K-K Motorcycle Supply, Lake Erie Chapter of the AMCA, Moose Racing, PJ’s Fabricating and Wheels Through Time Museum, and Wiseco Piston.  The championship ran in conjunction with the Antique Flat Track Motorcycle Races at the Antique Motorcycle Club of America (AMCA) 26th annual national meet.

The temperatures leading up to the event were at the 94 degree mark, typical for mid July in Ohio. The Bike Days crew along with Matt George sprayed thousands of gallons of water on the racetrack prior to the event, so the half mile limestone cushion track was in perfect condition for the Championship.  Donnie Bargmann was the announcer on hand to call the action.

The Ohio long track format consisted of three rounds of point gathering heats, a last chance qualifier, two semi finals and an “A” and “B” Main.

Top three finishers of the heats were…

Round 1

Heat 1 – 1st) #18 Chris Thomas      2nd) #30 Daniel Weicht    3rd) #26 David Weicht
Heat 2 – 1st) #41x John Debats       2nd) #52x Chad Rall         3rd) #53 Doug Horner
Heat 3 – 1st) #82 Chris Hathaway   2nd) #77 Jon Massie         3rd) #119 Alan Rush

Round 2

Heat 4 – 1st) #9 Marc Monroe     2nd) #52 Ronnie Rall       3rd) #60f  Kevin Sexton
Heat 5 – 1st) #53 Doug Horner    2nd) #26 David Weicht    3rd) #33e Michael Callen
Heat 6 – 1st) #18 Chris Thomas  2nd) #52x Chad Rall         3rd) #41x John Debats

Round 3

Heat 7 – 1st) #82 Chris Hathaway   2nd) #119 Alan Rush    3rd) #77 Jon Massie
Heat 8 – 1st) #41x John Debats  2nd) #30 Daniel Weicht     3rd) #33e Michael Callen
Heat 9 – 1st) #18 Chris Thomas  2nd) #52x Chad Rall         3rd) #53 Doug Horner

The heat race points were tabulated transferring the top 10 riders into two Semi Finals leaving two positions open for the top two finishers from the Last Chance Qualifier.

Marc Monroe won the Last Chance Qualifier from start to finish with the wily veteran Ronnie Rall in second.  Jon Massie put in a good effort to make third, and Kevin Sexton rounded out fourth.

In Semi Final #1 Chris Thomas made the gate and was leading with Dan Weight in second.  Alan Rush was in third until lap three when Chris Hathaway passed him for the final transfer position. Rush was riding with an injured shoulder in hopes for the championship, but scratched after the semis.

In Semi Final #2 John Debats (the reining 2007 Ohio Speedway Long Track Champion) looped his Jawa out on the starting line leaving him and his bike upside down as the pack roared away. The red flag came out, Debats was OK, and his pit crew had two minutes to assess, and repair any damage to the bike. Debats kept his championship hopes alive by winning the semi from the penalty line in spectacular fashion. Chad Rall took second with Michael Callen in the third and final transfer position for the A main. AMA “Hall of Famer” Ronnie Rall was also in semi two, but a tired engine kept him from transferring to the A main.

David Weicht put his GEARS.com Jawa in the winner’s circle of the B Main, with Marc Monroe and Jon Massie finishing second and third respectfully. 

In the A Main, John Debats made the start and got the early advantage until lap 2, Chad Rall on the Breece H-D, Dave Weicht Jawa found a good drive on the outside of turns one and two and passed him to take the lead. Debats tried the same move on Rall on lap four but drifted high and injured his right foot forcing him to retire for the evening. Chris Thomas ended up second with Dan Weicht and Chris Hathaway of the GEARS.com “Indiana wrecking crew” finishing third and fourth. Michael Callen finished fifth with Debats sixth.

Mark your calendar for July 17, 2009 to see a great night of racing with the Ohio Speedway Long Track Championship and Antique Races during the Wauseon National AMCA meet at the Fulton County Fairgrounds in Wauseon, Ohio.
Visit www.bikedays.com for current information.

Ohio Speedway Long Track Championship:  1. Chad Rall (Jaw); 2. Chris Thomas (Jaw); 3. Daniel Weicht (Jaw); 4. Chris Hathaway (Jaw); 5. Michael Callen (Jaw); 6. John Debats, (Jaw); 7. David Weicht (Jaw); 8. Marc Monroe (Jaw); 9. Jon Massie (Jaw); 10. Kevin Sexton (Jaw); 11. Doug Horner (Jaw); 12. Ronnie Rall (Jaw)

Speedway Long Track Championship     Speedway Long Track Championship
Wauseon interview Bargmann, Rall 7-18-08:
Donnie Bargmann interviews the new Ohio State Champ, Chad Rall after winning the A Main at the Ohio Speedway Long Track Championship in Wauseon, Ohio July 18, 2008 that took place during the AMCA National meet.
  Wauseon OSLTC start 7-18-08:
The start of semi final #2 at the Ohio Speedway Long Track Championship. John Debats #41x got the crowd on their feet when he took the win from the penalty line. The Ohio Speedway Long Track Championship was featured with the Antique Motorcycle Race in Wauseon, Ohio on July 18, 2008 during the  26th annual AMCA National meet.

Ohio Speedway Long Track Championship

Results - Friday July 18, 2008 
Wauseon, Ohio

1st  #52x Chad Rall, Engrained, MI

2nd #18 Chris Thomas, Mansfield, OH

3rd  #30 Daniel Weicht, North Webster, IN

4th  #82 Chris Hathaway, Syracuse, IN

5th  #33e Michael Callen, Gales berg, MI

6th  #41x John Debats, Kawa, MI

7th  #26 David Weicht, Pierce ton, IN

8th  #9 Marc Monroe, Allemande, OH

9th  #77 Jon Massie, Rooster, OH

10th  #60f  Kevin Sexton, Elyria, OH

11th  #53 Doug Horner, Gates Mills, OH

12th  #52 Ronnie Rall, Engrained, MI

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